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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Mini In 2022 Review Difference Both These Phones

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Well, everyone, it's time for us to go out and compare the iPhone 13 and the standard iPhone 13 Mini and see which specific phone you should go and buy, I guess in the later part of 2022, but also just overall in 2022 and going into 2023, because these iPhones are going to be the ones that are probably going to be sold for about the next two years. And in fact, the iPhone 13 Mini is one of the cheapest iPhones you could buy from Apple Brand new, which is crazy.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Mini Price

That iPhone is starting off at 599. The iPhone 13 is starting off at 699. So there is a $100 difference between these two. And I pretty much own both these phones for a long period of time. And what I can definitely tell you about both these devices is that there's a bunch of highs, there's a bunch of lows, but I don't think there's a device that I would look at and be like, okay, this is the one that's that's clearly a better one. I think both of these have strong attributes. And the fact that Apple ended up fixing a lot of the problems that I had with the standard iPhone 12 Mini while going up to the 13 Mini, I think is a really good choice, especially if you're an owner of a 12 mini or if you're coming from a phone that's even older than this one.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Mini colors

Now, the first thing I want to hit on is actually with the colors you can choose between both. I have never seen an iPhone setup that you can choose so many colors from. You have green, you have this pink color, you have blue, you have black, you have starlight and you have product red. So very interesting. All the colors are the same between both. So if you want to choose one over the other, you have that option, but you have both of the same type of capabilities in that standpoint, which I think is actually pretty crazy.

The display, as always, is the biggest thing. The iPhone 13 Mini is pretty much one of the smallest iPhones you can kind of buy that's still supported with software. Besides the iPhone SE first generation, I guess you have a 5.4 inch super retina XDR display on that specific panel. It's a 63rd screen, but it's a very, very good panel. I like the design. The notch is still there, but that's kind of okay for this type of generation. The 14th. It's not really OC in my opinion, but this one totally understandable. With the iPhone 13, we have a bigger 6.1 inch super retina XDR display. So with this panel, I think this phone looks really good and I do think this is the optimal design for me. I think this one is the perfect size. Personally for me, I think with a 30 minute it's a little bit too small, but there's a lot of people who prefer that size on the 30 mini who think the 13 is too big. Personally, I think the iPhone 13 pro max of 14 pro Max's are just massive devices, including the 14 plus. But the 13 is a very good size that I like a lot and the 13 Mini is a very good size too. So the size is probably going to be the main factor whether people are going to pick up the iPhone 13 Mini or if people are going to pick up the iPhone 13. Now, on the bottom, we have lightning ports on both, which I think is cool.

You know, you have that type of capability, which was usb-c, but whatever. And on the back we have standard specs on both. So there is no frosted glass back on either one of these. Personally, I don't think it's that big of a deal. But again, it's one of those things to kind of keep in the back of your head that you are kind of getting the standard glass back.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Mini

You have dual camera setups on both as well, which we'll head up in a second. And you have wireless charging, you have the magsafe capability and that kind of covers it up on the outside IP certification as well. But beyond that, there's not really like a crazy amount of other things that you have. So I think between both very good features, not too many differences between both besides the size themselves. Now the cameras on both, this is probably another big similarity between both. So they both have dual camera setups. They're 12 megapixel lenses, so you have a 12 megapixel wide, then a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. You have the truedepth front camera as well. You can do 4K at 60 on the front of the back and they have pretty much the same exact features built in with the iPhone 13 and with the 13 mini.

You have portrait mode, you have cinematic mode, you have tons of cool features both within which is really cool. So you aren't really getting one main upgrade coming from one to the other. You are pretty much getting the same type of experience on both the devices, which I think is really cool Now Is that the biggest difference?
I mean, probably not. I mean, the only thing I can even kind of think of that's different between both is that with the iPhone 13, you are getting a bigger viewfinder. What does this mean? Well, essentially, the screen that you have that you're looking through when you're taking photos, it is an overall better experience, I would say, from the iPhone 13, because it is a bigger screen. So you can kind of see more photo. You're not really seeing more, but it seems like it's just a better looking video or photo because it's just a bigger screen.
So that is the only thing I can even kind of see here. Other than that, pretty much the same exact camera and you're not really going to be getting that big of an upgrade if you go from one to the other, at least from what I can see. So in that standpoint, that kind of covers it up there as well.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Mini Battery

Now, in the battery life standpoint, this is probably the biggest difference besides the size that you can probably see between both. So with the iPhone 13 Mini, we have basically a good sized battery. But Apple claims that you can get up to 17 hours of video playback with the iPhone 13, the standard one, you can get up to 19 hours of video playback. Now, I don't think anybody is just sitting there watching videos for 19 or 17 hours, but you can take those numbers and kind of dumb it down to what you're going to be doing. So in my opinion, I don't really use my phone that much to be honest. I'm mostly using my MacBook. But if I had to use an iPhone 13 mini perfectly fine, I could be getting probably two days worth of battery life for my standard usage on an everyday basis with the iPhone 13. That phone had really good battery as well. I would say the iPhone 13 minutes battery life is somewhere in the realm of probably like an iPhone 12. I kind of say it's roughly probably around the same thing. I think the iPhone 13 Mini's battery life is really, really good for the size that you're getting. And I can say the same thing about the iPhone 13. I think that phone also has a really good battery life inside of it, too. So when it comes down to it, both phones perform very well in the battery department for their sizes. But the iPhone 13, it is going to be giving you the best experience in that standpoint because it is so much bigger and you are getting a bigger sized battery inside of it.

So keep that in mind. In terms of software and longevity, though, both giving you the same exact software experience, they're both going to be getting the same exact software updates. When the iPhone 13 gets an update, it's going to be the same time the 13 mini gets an update. So you're not really going to be missing out on anything in that standpoint either. It is practically like you have the same exact phone when it comes down from Apple. So however long the iPhone 13 lasts, even though the 13 mini is cheaper, it's going to be giving you the same exact experience for the most part on the iPhone 13 Mini.
So keep that in mind. And that kind of cycles down to the performance as well. The iPhone 13 is going to be giving you the same experience in the terms of the power behind it as the iPhone 13 Mini, which is actually pretty interesting. They both have the Apple A15 bionic chip inside and they both have four gigabytes of RAM. So from my experience, this is a really big asset between both. So you you aren't really going to have to choose from. You weren't really going to have to choose from, oh, this phone is faster or this phone is less faster. This phone is not as good. You won't really have to choose between that and really you're choosing between size and maybe battery life. From my experience, the iPhone 13 Mini was a really good performing phone and so was the iPhone 13.

Both these phones are very good performing devices. When I compare these phones against the iPhone 14, it performed very, very well. When I compared this phone to the iPhone 12, to the Galaxy, S20 to the S20 ones. All these phones that have came out the last few years and these phones are noticeable upgrades in terms of the power. Now, if you're coming from an iPhone 12, it's not really going to notice that big of a difference in the power standpoint, especially if you're trying to decide from an iPhone 13 to a 13 mini, you're not going to be able to notice any power differences, mostly because these are the same exact chipsets inside.


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