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If you see ants in the house as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will get this great news

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Vastu Tips: Samudrik Shastra or Shakun Shastra has been considered as a branch of ancient Indian astrology. On the basis of this, people can know their fortune on the basis of animal-birds and other signs (Omen-Ominous). For this, you do not have to do much, but you have to watch the things around you carefully.

Astrology Ants also indicate good or bad luck. There are many such signs related to ants, with the help of which a person can easily know what is going to happen in the future. Know about some similar omens and tricks related to ants

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Auspicious and inauspicious results of having ants in the house (Vastu Tips)

To know about ants, it is necessary that we see the color and number of ants. There are two types of ants – red and black. Both tell different things.

  • According to astrology, black ants are considered auspicious and red ants are considered inauspicious. If there are black ants in the house, they should not be killed. Similarly, if red ants are seen, they should be driven away from the house by making every effort.
  • If black ants are coming out in the house or office, it means that money is going to come soon. A new business can be started, a new job can be started or suddenly money can be received from somewhere.
  • If black ants start coming out in the house or office, then it is a sign of some big crisis coming on the person. In such a situation, a person should immediately take refuge in God. They should also pray to God to avert the crisis that is coming upon them.

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  • If there are too many black ants in the house, then it is also considered inauspicious. It is considered a sign of weakness of that house. In such a situation, that part of the house should be repaired immediately.
  • From which part of the house the ants are coming out, it also tells fortune. For example, if there are black ants in the bedroom, then there are chances of buying gold or gold jewellery. Similarly, if black ants come out on the roof, then it is a sign of buying an e-property.
  • The direction from which the ants are coming out is also very important. If it goes in the north direction, then the person gets happiness. On exiting from the west, chances are made for the person to go out. Exiting from the south direction brings economic benefits. If black ants emerge from the east, it is a sign of good fortune.
  • If there are too many red ants in the house, it causes wastage and disputes.

Ants Remedies for Economic Prosperity (Vastu Tips)

  1. to the ants divination I have been considered as the form of Shani and Rahu. If ants are mixed with sugar in the flour, then there are chances of getting economic benefits soon.
  2. Similarly, cut a coconut from the middle and fill it by mixing boora and ghee. After this add the coconut again as before and bury it a little deep in the soil near the ants' bill. With this remedy, you get a good job immediately and also get freedom from debt.

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on the knowledge of astrology and is being given for information only. news24 does not confirm this. Before taking any remedy, be sure to consult the expert of the concerned subject.

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