Home Entertainment If Maya succeeds in wooing Anuj with dance, Vanraj will propose Anupama!,If...

If Maya succeeds in wooing Anuj with dance, Vanraj will propose Anupama!,If Maya succeeds in wooing Anuj with dance, Vanraj will propose Anupama!

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New Delhi. In TV's top serial Anupama, something or the other is seen daily, which keeps the audience connected to the show and continues to shower love. In the last episode, you saw that Maya plans a candle light dinner on the pretext of Chhoti and tells Chhoti about Anuj and his daughter. In today's episode, even before the cutting of the cake, Anupama's amazing entry is going to happen. Seeing Anupama suddenly, Maya is also going to be shocked.

Anupama's entry will disturb Maya

In today's episode, you will see that Baa taunts Anupama after she leaves. She says she came as a guest and left. Babuji says that in your life only and only Anupama has to be cursed and nothing else. You have come on earth to curse Anupama. After which Babuji talks to sad Kavya but Kavya does not want to talk to anyone about work. On the other hand, Maya has planned everything romantically by making a cake. As soon as she is about to cut the cake holding Anuj's hand, Anupama takes the heroine's entry. Anuj is both shocked and happy to see Anupama. He eats the cake by removing it from Anupama's lips in front of Maya. Seeing this, Maya gets angry and asks the reason for her sudden arrival.

Maya will be able to woo Anuj by dancing

Anupama says that right now she is not going anywhere. Then Chhoti plans a picnic where she has to go with both of them. Anupama says yes to go but Anuj says if Toshu needs it, don't make a promise that you can't keep. Maya says she will go with Chhoti. Just then Baa and Samar's call comes, Anuj gets shocked seeing this and asks Maya to leave. In the coming episodes, Maya will come close to Anuj by dancing and Vanraj will once again ask Anupama to come into his life.


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