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How to use Google Chat in Gmail App | Enable the Google chat

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Hello everyone.In this Post we will see that how can we enable the Google chat option in Gmail?

So first of all, for those of you who don't know about Google Chat, it is just like any messenger app, but it is associated with your Gmail account. You can interact with any person by just entering their email ID. It is usually worked inside an organisation's where the different teams, the different employees can use it to connect with one another. But instead of a traditional email thread, you can actually use Google Chat. Just to give you a feature of all the features like a messenger app, it provides ease of use. You can actually send the different types of files, you can upload the files, you can create meetings, you can share drive links, you can share documents over the chat and many more things.

So first of all, let's see that how can we enable this chart option in your Gmail account?

So first of all, you need to make sure that it is not by default enabled. How do we do that? Just go to this left menu, click on this More and just see. So we cannot see any of these chart options, Right? So what do we do? We go to our core icon, go to see all settings.

Here is this option that says chat and meet. So here you can see in chart by default it is off. So we enable it to Google chart. So let's just select Google chart from here and click on Save Changes.

So it will actually reload your Gmail page. And now the Google chart would be enabled. So let's just see that once it's loaded here. So now it gives you a little bit tour. Here it is, the mail. Here is the chart. Here is the spaces and here is the meet. So let's just click on done. We don't want it all. That's it for this post. Thanks.

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