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How to Update Apple AirPods Firmware Version 5B58

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Hello, everyone. Today I would like to show you how to update airports firmware version 5b58. Let's have a look. First, I would like to show you how to check airports, firmware version . Check which airport firmware version you are running.

Connect your airports to your iPhone, Open the settings app on your iPhone in the settings scroll and tap general. Then tap about again. Scroll down and tap your airport's name.

Firmware version right now for 4E71. Let's update AirPods version 5b58.

Update Apple AirPods Method 1

Put your AirPods in their charging case. Connect your AirPods to power via lightning cable. Place your airports near the iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Internet. Disconnect your airports. After 30 minutes, your airports will be up to date.


Update Apple AirPods Method 2

Airports Firmware version using Mac. Plug your AirPods into your Mac. Using a lightning to USB or lightning to Usb-c cable. Make sure your Mac connected with the internet. Wait at least half an hour before disconnecting your airports to update the firmware.

Let's take firmware version Open Settings app, then connect your airports with your iPhone. If your airports name from settings, scroll down and check version 5b58.

So these are the steps to update airports firmware version 5b58.

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