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How To Get Your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022: all your stats

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PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022: If you want to know how many hours you have invested in your PlayStation this 2022, here we show you how to access your Wrap-Up.

As the holiday season rolls around each year, so do the annual roundups. Music fans flock to social media and share their Spotify Wrapped, while gamers have multiple ways to share their gameplay. Twitch Recap gives viewers and streamers a summary of the content they've consumed and created in 2022.

Sony offers a similar service, giving PS4 and PS5 users a look back at everything they accomplished in the past year. With blockbusters like God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring hitting shelves in 2022, PlayStation users had plenty to sink their teeth into.

With that being said, here's how you can get your PS Wrap-Up and see how much time you spent enjoying your console, and which games you liked the most.

How to get your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 on PS4 and PS5

Accessing your PlayStation Wrap-Up is relatively simple, and the only information you'll need on hand is your PS login ID (email address) and password.

  • Visit the PlayStation Wrap-Up website .
  • Sign in with your PS email address and password.
  • Find out your total hours, games played, etc.

PlayStation 2022 Roundup is only available in certain areas. Users must be over 18 years of age and have played more than 10 hours on PS4 and/or PS5 consoles in 2022. To participate in the roundup campaign you must have agreed to the collection of "All data" in your PS5 settings or, if you are in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Australasia, you have accepted the "Aggregate Data" collection option in your PS4 settings.

PlayStation Wrap-Up Features: Hours, Games, More

The PS Wrap-Up gives you lots of personalized information to remember your year. First, you'll see the total hours you played, followed by the hours you played online, and the total number of days you played locally and in VR.

Next, it will tell you how many games you played in 2022 and list your top five most played games. PlayStation Wrap-Up also tracks how many trophies you've earned throughout the year. Lastly, share global and custom PlayStation Plus stats.

In addition, the roundup also provides community insights for the global PlayStation audience. Horizon Forbidden West, God of War and Gran Turismo 7 stand out as the main titles of Sony.

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