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Hellen Pachón Durán | The young Colombian woman who was in a coma in the United States died after a serious accident | Colombia | narration | EC Stories | WORLD

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Hellen Pachón Durán, a young colombian 21 years old, was mobilizing on a motorcyclist through a street in the city of Miami, in the United Stateswhen a van ran over her, causing multiple fractures and injuries and, most seriously, brain death.

The accident occurred on January 26. Since then, Her family cried out for help, as she remained hopelessly in an intensive care unit at Broward Health North Hospital in Miami.

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“She has lacerated her two lungs, her two legs, femur, tibia and fibula are broken, she has three broken ribs, but the most serious thing about the case is that she has cerebral edema. The doctors say it's useless, that there's nothing to do," said Paola Durán, the woman's mother, in a chat with 'Caracol Radio'.

Durán asked for help from the United States Embassy in Colombia so that they would grant him a humanitarian visa that would allow him to travel to Miami and, thus, he could take charge of the situation.

“They requested my presence so that I be with her, do her papers and everything. The doctors tell me that they have it connected until I arrive, ”she explained at the time of her.

The accident that caused his death

Hellen Pachon.  (Photo: Taken from social networks)

Hellen Pachon. (Photo: Taken from social networks)

In the last few hours Pachón lost his life after several days of fighting in an ICUas reported by the 'Univisión' chain.

The young woman's mother arrived in the United States on February 3. "I have faith that she will be able to recover, but at any moment that may not happen and the second step will come, which would be to disconnect her," he mentioned for the local channel 'Noticias 23'.

Life expectancies were low, since the diagnosis was brain death after being hit by a truck while riding her motorized scooter (small motorcycle). She also had head injuries, lung injuries, and broken ribs and legs.

Although it had initially been said that the driver of the truck had fled, reports from the 'NBC' chain indicate that he remained at the scene of the accident. It is not known if he will be charged with any type of crime or if his capture will be requested.

Pachón lived in the United States for more than a year. He had arrived under the 'American dream' with the hope of working and being able to help his family in Colombia. His remains are expected to be brought to the country to say goodbye.

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