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Hazim Bangwar: ‘Neither female nor transgender, I’m a pure male’, why did you have to tell Karachi’s Assistant Commissioner? – Neither a woman nor a transgender, I am a perfect man, says Karachi commissioner Hazim Bangwar

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Karachi commissioner Hazim Bangwar: Hazim Bangwar, the new assistant commissioner of police in Karachi, Pakistan, had to claim his masculinity with a statement. But why?

Hazim Bangwar: 'Neither female nor transgender, I'm a pure male', why did you have to tell Karachi's Assistant Commissioner?

Questions have also been raised about the appointment of Hajim Bangwal

Karachi: “I am neither transgender nor female. I am a real man.” This is how Hazim Bangwar, the new Assistant Commissioner of Police in Karachi, Pakistan, had to claim his masculinity by making a statement. But why? Bureaucrats are generally thought to be very serious in nature. But, 29-year-old Hajim is breaking this idea every moment. In fact, she is not only a bureaucrat, but also a singer and social media influencer. She also has a US University degree in Fashion and Marketing. The problem is, recently a section of Pakistani netizens claimed that Hajim is a transgender. This indication has been found from some of his pictures posted on social media. Especially a photo of him with the LGBTQ flag went viral. However, Hajim claims that the picture is fake. But, if people hear that…

It is claimed on social media that Hazim was seen walking with a rainbow flag during the 2018 Pride March. A screenshot of a tweet made by him has gone viral. And this is further fueled by Hajime's fashion sense. Usually, she posts pictures in gender-neutral clothing. Since then, terms like 'eunuch', 'homosexual', 'transsexual' and 'feminine' have been applied to him on social media. Some have even questioned his appointment as Assistant Commissioner. This section claims, Hajim is 'physically and mentally' unfit to serve the people. It also read, 'If there is a real man in Karachi, withdraw Hajim's appointment. This is the shame of the whole society. Don't let him promote the LGBTQ agenda.'

He is claimed to be promoting an LGBTQ agenda

After that, Bangwar made it clear in a press conference that it is a wrong idea to think of him as a transgender. He never picked up the rainbow flag. The picture that has been spread is fake. He said, “I am not transgender. I'm not even a woman. I am pure man. These allegations did not hurt me personally. But I find them offensive, because the word 'woman' is used as a derogatory term. Is it bad to be a woman? Are you trying to promote the idea that being a woman or transgender person is bad?”

Hajim Bangwar wears gender neutral clothing

After Hajim's press conference, many people supported him. Even Sindh Chief Minister's advisor Mortaza Wahab tweeted in support of Hazim Bangwar. He wrote, “A man should be judged by his works, not by his personal life. Wahab Bangwar is an efficient and compassionate officer.”

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