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Government of Nicaragua frees more than 200 political prisoners and sends them to the United States | WORLD

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More than 200 imprisoned opponents were released this Thursday in Nicaragua by the government of Daniel Ortega and traveled to the United States, family members and exiled opponents reported.

"222 political prisoners come to the city of Washington, they were released," he said in a video on social networks Arthur McFieldsOrtega's former ambassador to the OAS, dismissed after describing his country as a dictatorship and now residing in the United States.

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Javier Alvarez, a Nicaraguan exiled in Costa Rica, confirmed to AFP that among those released are his wife and daughterwho also have French nationality.

A diplomatic source in Managua confirmed to AFP the release of the prisoners, but the Ortega government He has not given an official version at the moment.

More than 200 opponents were sent to prison in Nicaragua in the context of the repression that followed the protests that broke out in 2018 against Ortega, in power since 2007.

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The Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramirez, who was Vice President of Ortega in his first term (1985-1990), and is currently in exile in Spain, He expressed his satisfaction at the release of the prisoners.

Today is a great day for the fight for freedom in Nicaragua as so many unjustly convicted or prosecuted prisoners are released from prisons, prisons where they should never have been. They go into exile, but they go to freedom.", Ramirez tweeted.

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