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Google launched the first beta of Android 14: it says it will continue to optimize its use on large and folding screens | cell phones | Mobile | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Google has announced that the new version Android 14 resumes the work already done for the previous updates, Android 12L and Android 13, which optimize their use on larger screens than those of 'smartphones', as well as on folding terminals.

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The company has announced these novelties with the launch of the firstr Developer Preview of the operating system, which developers can already test and which the company has detailed on its blog.

The most recent version of the operating system that Android develops always comes first to Google phones, the Pixels, which currently work with the previous one, Android 13.

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This update It has already reached Android devices from other manufacturers, such as the latest Samsung foldablesand will continue to be implemented in the rest of 'smartphones' with this operating system in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Google is advancing in the development of its next version, Android 14, whose first beta is already available to developers, who can test it on their computers as long as they are Pixel. Specifically, the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6a, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) models.

Google has shared a timeline of the release of Android 14, which plans to keep in test phase during the months of February and March, move to beta versions from April and reach the stable channel from June, to share the final version in the last months of the year.

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Known internally as Upside Down Cake, something like 'upside down cake', Android 14 continues the work of the previously released operating systems, Android 12L and Android 13, since it has a series of presets so that applications can be adapted to large screens (tablets, for example), as well as to folding mobiles.

To help developers optimize their apps for Android 14, Google has introduced different window sizes and a different window size in this preview. gallery of large screens with patterns focused on social networks, reading and shopping apps to create “multi-device” experiences.

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At the personalization level, this new version of Android offers users the possibility of scale your font up to 200 percent (vs. 130 percent for Android 13 on Pixel devices).

Google has pointed out that as of Android 14, a curve is automatically applied to large texts so that they do not increase to the same extent as small ones when zoomed.

With this operating system preview, developers will be able to add grammatical gender support in languages ​​that do have it (masculine, feminine or neutral), so that the new API "reduces the effort to support the gender of the viewer, that is, who is seeing the user interface, not who is talking about," the technology company added.

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At the security level, this version of the operating system includes a tool that prevents the download of 'malware' with targetSDkVersion in its version 23. Android 14 also supports the new Jetpack Credential Manager API, as well as Passkeys.

Users will also need to manually give permission to all those watch apps or calendars that allow you to configure exact alarms and will establish limits for background processes, a modification of which details will be announced soon.

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