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Twitter has announced that it extends the free use of its application programming interface (API) until next Monday, February 13; thereafter, it will introduce a $100 payment API.

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The company has announced that it will extend the current free access to the Twitter API until next Monday, February 13 and that, thereafter, it will offer “paid basic access” for a monthly fee.

Without going into detail, Twitter has commented that this basic plan “offers a low level of API usage and access to the ads interface” and has announced that will present “a new form of free access”, something that he has described as "extremely important" for his ecosystem.

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This other access Limit the creation of publications to 1,500 monthly tweets per authenticated user. With this, he has mentioned that as of that same day he will stop offering the Premium API and has encouraged subscribers of that plan to request the business version.

The social network has concluded this thread of tweets stating that with these changes in the use of its application programming interface it expects increase quality, reduce spam and enable a thriving ecosystem.”

In mid-January several clients of the social network, such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific and Fenixdenounced not receiving a response from the platform due to an alleged failure in this 'software', which allows communication between applications.

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Days later, Twitter announced that it had changed its “longstanding API rules”, which could result in some of these bots not working. So, he did not detail what he meant by these new limitations.

Already at the beginning of February it indicated that it would stop offering access to its interface for free to versions v2 and v1.1. as of this Thursday, February 9, although he did not detail what the fee to pay for the use of his services would be.

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For his part, Elon Musk has commented that the removal of the free API is because the platform had detected automated accounts for the scam and opinion manipulators, who were abusing its interface.

Then, he commented that by establishing a fee of 100 dollars a month, he would encourage the “ID verification, which will clean things up a lot”. However, given the multiple criticisms of users for this decision, he commented that he would implement "a Lightweight, write-only API for 'bots' that offer good content”which would be free.

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