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Free Fire Update OB38 New Patch Check What’s New Coming

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Free Fire Update: Must have entered the game. OB38 UPDATE. No one knew when so many updates would come. Hey, I didn't even know. When did this become my hobby?

Free Fire Update OB38

Application NameGarena Free Fire Max
Updated Version2.97.1
PostFree Fire Max OB38 APK Download
Free Fire Max OB UpdateOB38 New Patch
Download APK LinkAvailable
Release Date11 January 2023
APK + OBB File69 MB + 350 MB
FormatZIP File

What’s New Coming

1 – New Pet Kactus In Free Fire Max
2 – Free Fire Max New Character Santino
3 – New Weapon Leaderboard
4 – New In BR Mode
5 – New Items In BR Mode
6 – Free Fire Max CS Updates
7 – Free Fire Max Character Updates
8 – Weapon Adjustments


LOOT RADAR Now this loot radar will be seen in your game, don't know how it will be seen. Friends, its meaning is that if there is any loot around us, then we will easily get to see it. If there is any loot around you then it is.

JAMMER is going to be available in Air Drop and it will jam its location. It will also jam the location of the UAV

If the global maker spends a few hours in the global, the damage you give will be the same or it will remain global. You can take total five people for this, you will not need Shera wagon. The game caller speaks his everyday things in the morning, now when you use the color cabinet, it will not go global in a second directly. His limit has come. Now I cannot show you practically. But now understand that the mother of the son of which color has been weaned and there has also been talk of cat, some mother-sister has been made that as if you use the printed cavity, then some changes have been made in her civil. Now even that too has not been able to be shown practically. Now when you sit in the game, you understand that I am showing them wrong. It has some abilities, the power taught to them has been increased. The power of a gun that has been reduced is the launcher. The power of that gun which is power, the power of the gun has been reduced and finally moving towards our last date a new character is going to come towards that one character. There is more inside the game and the ability of daughters is that brother, you can make it a mannequin. If I say in simple language, more mannequins will go ahead slowly and if that mannequin gets a second, then wherever the mannequin is, it will be teleported. We did some steps. Now Prashn Gali toh bhai game, I will be able to tell many more. I would have brought it in the manner of my wife's paper.

Free Fire and BGMI In Playstore

After this update, some latest updates can come in Free Fire, so according to the facts, Free Fire and BGMI should be at odds. That means there should be a difference in a gap of a few days.
Either there will be an announcement of your free fire BGMI on the 15th of technical career or it will come directly on the date. on playstore

If we talk about Free Fire, then maybe there can be some announcement after 15th. I have heard this many times. Even now nothing is confirmed, so let's see likes. By the way, there is an announcement on 15th, that means 15th will come directly.

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