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Foreign Minister said – we are not afraid of China

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S Jaishankar: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke openly on the issue of China and the allegations of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in an interview given to news agency ANI on Tuesday. He said, 'We are accused that we are afraid of China. Don't even mention his name.

Let me tell you that we are not afraid of China. If we are afraid, then who sent the Indian Army to the China border? This army was not sent by Rahul Gandhi, it was sent by Narendra Modi.

The Foreign Minister said, 'I was the ambassador of China for the longest time and was dealing with border issues. I will not say that I have the most knowledge, but I will say that I know a lot on this (China) subject. If he (Rahul Gandhi) has knowledge on China, then I am ready to learn from him too.

Budget increased 5 times on Modi government

The Foreign Minister said, 'Everyone says that we should build infrastructure on the border, so why didn't you (Congress) do it? I saw the budget for infrastructure at the border. The budget has increased 5 times in the Modi government. Till 2014 it was 3-4 thousand crores and today it is 14 thousand crores. Our government is serious about this.

'I want to tell that China had occupied a piece of our land in 1962 and now you (Opposition) are accusing the Modi government in 2023 that China is building a bridge on the land which China had occupied in 1962. Had taken possession.

Why wasn't a documentary made on what happened in 1984?

The Foreign Minister questioned the BBC documentary. He said, 'Many times the politics going on in India does not come from here but from outside. Ideas and agenda come from outside. If you want to make a documentary, a lot happened in Delhi in 1984. Why didn't we get to see any documentary on that subject?'

'Why is it difficult to understand that the ideologies and political parties which are outside India, similar ideologies and parties are also inside India and both are working together.'

'It is just a politics being done by those who do not have the power to enter the political arena. To save themselves, they say that we are an NGO, media organization etc., but they are doing politics.

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