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Follow these tips while writing answers to get good marks

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Uttar Pradesh Board Exam: Follow these tips while writing answers to get good marks

Feb 20, 2023 at 02:05 pm
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Uttar Pradesh Board Exam: Follow these tips while writing answers to get good marks
Tips for Uttar Pradesh Board Exams (Photo: Pixabay)

The 10th and 12th board examinations of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council (UPSEB) are going on. Board exams test the hard work done throughout the year.

Students work hard day and night to get good marks in the board, but many times marks are deducted for not writing answers correctly.

To perform well in the examinations, it is necessary to answer each and every question correctly. Let us know the correct way of writing in the exam.

divide the questions into 3 categories

Before the commencement of the examination, the student is given extra time to read the paper. In this time divide the questions into 3 categories.

In the first category those questions which you know very well, in the second category those questions in which you have little confidence and in the third category those questions which you do not know the answer.

Solve the questions of the first category in the beginning. After this go to the second and third category.

Fill OMR sheet very carefully

Class 10 students of Uttar Pradesh Board will have to answer multiple choice questions on the OMR sheet. Fill this sheet very carefully. Fill in the circles in sequence. If there is a mistake, your answer sheet may be out of checking.

Write answer in points, underline important words

Write the answers in points to get good marks in the board exams. For example, in maths paper mention all the steps, while in science write formulas and calculations in separate points.

Write the answers in the language test in introduction, body and conclusion points. Write down the units for each answer and steps.

Underline important points. Do not use colored highlighter at all.

Write the answer within the prescribed word limit and given time.

Don't be confused by multiple choice questions

Many a times the candidates do not read the multiple choice questions very well and write answers to both the questions in a hurry. Don't get confused with multiple choice questions.

There is no negative marking in the exam, so attempt all the questions. Try to answer difficult questions also.

If you do not know the complete answer to the question, write down the calculations and the correct formula. This gives some marks for the answer.

do not change the order of the questions

Write the answers according to the sequence given in the question paper. Even though you have grouped the questions into categories, do not jumble the order too much. If changing the order, clearly write the section and question number before writing the answer.

keep copy neat

All the candidates should keep in mind that the more clean and clear your copy is, the more marks you will get in the exam. Write in good writing.

Use black or blue pen only. If you write something wrong, just draw a line on that word. Don't move the pen repeatedly on mistake.

Before handing over the answer sheet, check it again. If any answer has been missed, then write its important points.

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