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Florida | “Never give up”: the woman who managed to stop a man who attacked her in a gym in the United States | narration | EC Stories | WORLD

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A security camera recorded the moment in which a woman was attacked by a man while she was training in the gym of the residential complex where she lives in FloridaUSA.

Nashali Alma, 24, began to hit him to defend herself, while trying to call for help on her mobile phone.

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"When it was happening, I was not afraid"Alma told CBS, the BBC's partner in the US, referring to the attack. "Actually, I'm a bodybuilder, so I have a lot of strength," she added.

"In my mind, he was the same as me," she stressed when recounting how she prevented the attacker from reducing her.

"I didn't see him as someone bigger or smaller. In my mind, I knew that I was stronger than him and that I could defend myself.".

In the images captured by the local security camera, it is seen when Alma opens the gym door, thinking that the man was also going to train. However, he pounced on her once he entered the facility.

The struggle between them intensified when she took out her phone and tried to make a call. After several minutes of struggle, the man gave up, released her, and she escaped from the gym.

"My advice would be: 'never give up'", he emphasized. "My parents have always told me not to give up on anything in life and it's something I kept in mind while fighting him."

He assured that "if you do not give up and fight, you show (the aggressor) that you are strong, that you are someone capable of fighting, surviving and getting out of that situation."

"The more you resist, the less they fight. They want you to give up, to stop," she stated.

Still from security video of the attack on Nashali Alma in Florida.  (CBS)

Still from security video of the attack on Nashali Alma in Florida. (CBS)

Alma recounted that when she was fighting with the attacker, she thought: "If I keep fighting he's gonna let me go. And at the end of the video you can see how he gets tired."

"The more you resist, the more they will want to give up and stop," he added.

Police confirmed that the man was arrested within 24 hours of the assault.

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