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Ephemeris of February 8: This happened in the world on a day like today | WORLD

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On February 8, but in 2005, the Google Maps geolocation platform was born.

Other ephemeris:

1587.- the queen of scotland, Mary I, called Mary Stuart, is beheaded on the gallows at Fotheringhay Castle, north of Englandby order of the Queen Elizabeth I.

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1827.- On the 8th and 9th of February the Battle of Juncal, between Argentina and Brazil which was the greatest Argentine naval victory.

1861.- Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and South Carolina form the “Confederate States of America”.

1887.- The United States enacts the General Adjudication Act or “Dawes Act”which authorizes the US president to divide the Indian tribes and distribute them into small parcels.

1898.- In Guatemala the president is assassinated Jose Maria Reina Barrios.

1904.- The Japanese Navy Surprise Attacks Russian Fleet Anchored in Port Arthur. Two days later, Japan declared war on Russia, which ended in 1905 with the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth.

1910.- William D BoyceAmerican businessman and publisher, founds in Washington (USA) youth organization Boys Scouts of America (BSA).

1919.- the french pilot Henri Farman performsin the adapted F.60 Goliath bomber, the Paris-London crossing with 11 passengersin what was considered the first commercial flight between both cities.

1924.- In the United States, in the nevada state prisonis carried out the first execution of a convict in the gas chamber.

1928.- The British John Logie Baird makes the first televised broadcast between London and NY.

1950.- The Ministry for State Securitypopularly known as the Stasi, the secret police of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

1952.- In the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queenwho was crowned in 1953 in Westminster Abbey.

1969.- In the city of allendein the Mexican state of Chihuahua, The meteorite baptized with the name of that town fallsconsidered the largest known carbonaceous chondrite and the "most studied meteorite in the world”.

1971.- In United States, Nasdaq, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations is bornthe largest electronic stock exchange in the world.

1974.- The last crew of the US space station Skylab returns to Earthwhich had been in orbit since 1973 and disintegrated and fell into the Indian Ocean in 1979.

1975.- bolivian restores, in the so-called “Charana's Embrace”, diplomatic relations with Chilibroken in 1962.

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1984.- HE Winter Olympics open in Sarajevo (Yugoslavia).

1997.- Ecuador lives one of the worst political crises in its history. Abdala Bucaramremoved as president for mental insanity, Fabian Alarconappointed interim president, and vice president rosalia arteagapresidents are proclaimed at the same time.

2003.- In Bogota (Colombia), about thirty people die and more than a hundred are injured in a car-bomb attack against a social club in the capital.

2017.- In it United Kingdomthe House of Commons passes law that will start Brexitwhich will enable the British Government to notify Brussels departure from the country European Union (EU).

2021.- The government of The United States announces that it returns as an observer country to the UN Human Rights Councilwhich he left in 2018.


1828.- Julio VerneFrench novelist, creator of the science fiction novel.

1890.- Anita DelgadoSpanish dancer and Maharani from Kapurthala (India).

1918.- Enrique Tierno GalvanSpanish politician.

1921.- Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner “Lana Turner”American film actress.

1923.- Alfonso Aragón Bermúdez “Fofó”clown.

1925.- Jack Lemonfilm actor, American.

1931.- James DeanAmerican actor.

1935.- Luis Maria Anson OliartSpanish journalist.

1941.- nick nolteAmerican actor.

1944.- Sebastiao Ribeiro SalgadoBrazilian photographer.

1955.- John GrishamAmerican writer.

1966.- Hristo StoichkovBulgarian footballer.


1911.- Joaquin CostaSpanish jurist, writer and politician.

1921.- Pyotr KropotkinRussian anarchist theorist.

1999.- Luis Sanchez Polack “Tip”Spanish humorist.

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2012.- Luis Alberto SpinettaArgentine musician.

2021.- Osvaldo Cattone RipamontiArgentine actor, director and theater producer.

2022.- Luc MontagnierFrench virologist, co-discoverer of HIV.

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