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Ephemeris of February 10: What happened in the world on a day like today? | Spain | Argentinian | Buenos Aires | Plus Ultra | WORLD

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In other Feb. 10but from 1926, the “Plus Ultra” seaplane, which had departed from Palos de la Frontera (Huelva, in southwestern Spain), arrived in Buenos Aires, in what was the first east-west crossing of the Atlantic.


1519.- The Spanish military Hernán Cortés leaves for the conquest of Mexico.

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1763.- Signing of the Treaty of Pariswhich ends the seven years warand for which France and Spain suffered colonial territorial losses in favor of England.

1805.- He King Carlos IV signs a Royal Decree which prohibits the celebration of bullfights in Spain.

1878.- The Paz de Zanjón puts an end to the first phase of the war between Spain and Cuba After ten years of fighting.

1906.- Launching of the Dreadnought in Great Britainthe first steam battleship and the fastest of its time.

1943.- Mahatma Gandhi goes on hunger strike against his arrestwhich lasted for 21 days.

1947.- signature in Paris of the peace treaties that put an end to the World War II.

1985.- The leader of the South African black movement Nelson Mandelaimprisoned since 1962, give up the freedom offered by the government if he abandons the armed struggle.

1994.- Brazil, Portugal and five African nations constitute Brasilia the Portuguese Language Community.

nineteen ninety six.- He IBM's latest generation computer “Deep Blue” defeats the world chess champion, Russian Garry Kasparovin the first of the six games of the match played at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

2005.- korea North acknowledges, for the first time, that it has nuclear weapons.

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2006.- Egypt shows the world the first tomb of the Pharaonic era found intact since 1922date of discovery of the tutankhamen.

2010.- The Uruguayan justice sentences former Uruguayan dictator Juan María Bordaberry to thirty years in prison for the 1973 coup and for nine crimes of forced disappearance and two of especially aggravated homicide.

2011.- Ray Allen enters NBA history, beating Reggie Miller as the player with the most triples in the American basketball league.

2017.- Peru offers a hefty reward for the capture of the former president Alexander Toledo (2001-2006), accused of money laundering and influence peddling for allegedly receiving $20 million in bribes from the Brazilian construction company odebrecht.

2018.- The Northern Irish Politician Gerry Adams officially leaves the presidency of Sinn Féin after more than 34 years in office.


1890.- Boris PasternakRussian novelist.

1894.- harold mcmillanformer British Prime Minister.

1898.- berthold brechtGerman playwright and poet.

1922.- Arpad GonczHungarian politician.

1930.- Robert WagnerAmerican actor.

1950.- Mark SpitzAmerican swimmer, Olympic champion.


1755.- Charles-Louis de SecondatBaron de Montesquieu, French political writer.

1923.- wilhelm roentgenGerman physicist, discoverer of X-rays.

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1939.- Pius XIdad.

2005.- Arthur MillerAmerican playwright.

2014.- Shirley TempleAmerican actress.

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