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Elections Ecuador | Electoral Council of Ecuador separates a director due to doubts in the scrutiny | John Gamboa | Guillermo Lasso | WORLD

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He National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador separated this Friday John Gamboa as director of the organization in the province of Guayaswhere the alleged operation of a parallel counting center for the counting of votes in the referendum held last Sunday had been denounced.

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The CNE, in a statement, also reported that the direction of the electoral institution in Guayas (whose capital is Guayaquil) has been entrusted to Wilson Hinojosa, so that he can continue with the final phase of the referendum counting process and the local elections that were held in parallel the previous Sunday.

The president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint; the vice president, Enrique Pita, and the counselors José Cabrera and Esthela Acero went this Friday to the headquarters of the delegation in Guayas with the aim of ratifying "absolute transparency and respect for the popular will," added the source.

Atamaint announced the assignment of the direction of the CNE in Guayas to Hinojosa, whom he said is an official with more than 19 years of experience in the electoral function.

The authorities reported that the necessary logistical contingent has been arranged for the Guayas Electoral Board to restart the count of some voting records that maintained some inconsistencies.

The announcement of the change in the Guayas delegation came hours after the separated Gamboa rejected in a video posted on social networks the existence of a supposed parallel counting center, as the CNE authorities had pointed out.

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The alleged parallel center was initially warned by Vice President Pita, who warned that false acts of the referendum were apparently being printed, when the preliminary result indicated that the “No” vote won at the national level in all the eight questions of the referendum.

"No parallel center has been set up that printed electoral records as the citizens are maliciously intended to believe"Gamboa asserted.

"It is impossible to print other minutes due to the security of the counting system itself, and even worse to modify its data, due to the signature on the originals of the members of the boards receiving the vote"he added.

However, the separate delegate admitted having changed the way of processing the minutes due to the pressure transmitted from the Government and from the CNE itself to obtain the complete results as soon as possible.

The Government, which had initially criticized the slowness of the vote count, called on the CNE authorities this Friday to solve the "possible and specific" problems that have appeared in Guayas.

With almost the total vote count (more than 99% progress), the "No" obtained between 51.7 and 58% of the votes in the different questions of the consultation, compared to the "Yes" that reached between 41 .9 and 48.2%, according to data from the CNE.

With the referendum, the Lasso government sought popular support to apply reforms to the Constitution in matters of security, democracy, institutions, political movements and the environment, among others.

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