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Elections Ecuador 2023 | Government of Ecuador asks to review the scrutiny of the referendum on extradition | Guillermo Lasso | National Electoral Council | NEC | cedates | WORLD

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The government ministry of Ecuador asked the electoral authorities this Wednesday to review the scrutiny “erratic" and "slow” of the referendum in which Ecuadorians refused to approve the extradition on Sunday, according to the count of 98% of the votes.

More than 48 hours have passed and far from having the certainties that the Ecuadorian people demand (...) we have been filled with uncertainties due to the slow counting of votes, due to the erratic and inaccurate information”, the portfolio said in a statement.

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About 20% of the voting records have inconsistencies, according to the most recent information from the National Electoral Council (CNE).

We urge your authorities to exhaust all available resources that allow clarifying with clarity, forcefulness and without the slightest lag of doubt, something that now seems improbable, the popular will”, he added.

The electoral authority has computed 98% of the voting records of the eight questions of the referendum which, in addition to the question on extradition, included topics such as the reduction in the number of deputies in Congress, the incorporation of water systems into the protected areas and compensation for those who protect the environment.

On monday the president William Lassoa former right-wing banker, acknowledged the defeat of the Yes party in the referendum, with which he sought to have tools to combat the growing organized crime and violence linked to drug trafficking that plagues the country.

However, the Ministry of Government requested that, “regardless of the pronouncement that the president chivalrously made (...) acknowledging some hypothetical results of the referendum”, the CNE acts “with due speed, transparency, efficiency and diligence in the final processing" From the results.

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He also expressed concern about "the growing doubts that the institution has provoked in the public”.

A survey by the Cedatos company, closed on Saturday and disseminated by various media after the end of the elections, estimated that 66% of Ecuadorians were in favor of extradition, which has been prohibited in Ecuador for eight decades.

Local elections were also held on Sunday in which the government also lost its pulse before the advance of the left.

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