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El Salvador: NGOs register more than 4,500 complaints during the emergency regime | Nayib Bukele | Mara Salvatrucha | MS-13 | Cristosal | love yourself | Idhuka | Fespad | SSPAS | AZO | WORLD

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At least six non-governmental human rights organizations register 4,564 complaints of abuses during the emergency regime measure, implemented by the Government of The Savior for "finish” with the gangs and close to completing one year of validity.

According to information shared this Wednesday by the organization cristosalthe largest number of complainants are women, they “respond to these facts by seeking solutions for immediate needs, but also for the improvement of family conditions", he pointed.

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Women, according to the NGO, are also directly affected by the emergency regime, since most of the complaints received correspond to cases of detained women.

He pointed out that the youthcontinue to be one of the most stigmatized sectors of the population during the emergency regime”, since most of the complaints of the organizations are by people between 18 and 30 years of age.

Cristosal pointed out that the LGTBIQ+ population has also been affected, with “serious cases of police harassment, sexual violence or insults carried out by state security agents”.

He added that “Other serious situations detailed in the data are the 254 people with chronic illnesses who are detained”.

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The organizations that collected the complaints and data are Cristosal, love yourself, Salvadoran Network of Human Rights Defenders, Institute of Human Rights of the Central American University (Idhuca), Foundation of Studies for the Application of Law (Fespad), Passionist Social Service (SSPAS) and Native Blue (AZO).

The Salvadoran Government attributes to the exception regime -implemented in a call "war” against the gangs- and his Territorial Control plan the drop in homicides by 57% in 2022.

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