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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Kitten rescued from the rubble in Turkey refuses to abandon the man who saved it | Gaziantep | Nurdğı | Aleppo | earthquake | tremor | USGS | narration | EC Stories | WORLD

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The magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Turkey and Syria has left dozens of stories of hope, because on this occasion a kitten that was rescued from the rubble refused to go away from the man who saved it, which caused the event to go viral.

Through Twitterthe user @Gerashchenko_en shared the emotional video where a michi is seen on the shoulder of a rescuer.

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“A cat was saved under the rubble in Turkey. He now refuses to leave his savior's side, ”the tweet read.

So far, the video has 17.4 million views and more than 400,000 likes.

With a piece of bread, a puppy searches for its owner among the rubble in Turkey

Through social networks, a video was released about the moment a dog used its nose to search for its owner among the rubble. The fact touched users of the social network, who highlighted the endearing action of the tenderloin.

Death toll after earthquake rises to 41,000

The balance of the earthquake on February 6 in Turkey and Syria exceeded 41,000 deaths, according to updated official counts, while the United Nations requested one billion dollars to face the growing humanitarian crisis.

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