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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Image of the Virgin Mary remains intact after the collapse of the Annunciation Cathedral in the city of Alexandretta, Hatay | earthquake | WORLD

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Hours go by and the number of fatalities continues to grow after the devastating earthquake that shook Turkey and part of Syria last Monday.

The latest balance given by the authorities indicates that more than 12,000 people died. In Turkeythe number of deaths rose to more than 9,000, while in Syria at least 3,000 people died. However, it could increase, since there are still missing people and others waiting to be rescued among the rubble.

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In the midst of this bleak panorama, the believers of the Catholic Church have found refuge in the story of the priest Antuan Ilgıtwho through his Facebook account documented how the Cathedral of the Annunciation in the city of Alexandretta, Hatayafter the earthquake.

In the pictures you can see the collapsed structure and he himself stated that it was “impressive”, since the day before he had celebrated the Eucharist there. However, what was most striking was that an image of the Virgin Mary was left intact.

"Thank God we, our brothers and sisters, are well and we seek to welcome those who come to stay with us," wrote in the post.

He also specified that that "image will be our strength and with it we will face everything", referring to those who found refuge in the Church.

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