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Do this remedy on the day of Holi, the biggest disease will go away!

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Holi remedies: According to ancient religious texts, Holi and Diwali have been considered very special occasions for Tantra, Mantra. It is said that on this day many tantriks, sorcerers and sadhaks do sadhnas in their own way and attain siddhis.

Astrologer M.S. According to Lalpuria, if some special measures are taken on Holi, then even incurable diseases can be relieved. This time Holi (Holi 2023) The festival of is coming on 8 March 2023. You can also be free from your pain and disease by doing these measures on this day. Know about the remedies of Holi

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Try these tricks of Holi to get rid of diseases

To prevent economic loss due to diseases

Sometimes diseases bother us so much that we have to suffer losses everywhere. People become poor in the expenses of medicines and treatment. In this situation, on the day of Holi, one should go to the temple and worship Goddess Lakshmi. simultaneously Vishnu Sahastranam Chant After chanting, feed the animals according to your ability. Also donate food to the poor. By doing this remedy, new sources of income start being created.

To prevent recurring diseases

If the health of any member in the house gets worse again and again, then this Holi remedy should be done. In this remedy, on the day of Holi, take one uncut betel leaf, two red roses and sticks and rotate it 31 times on the patient's body. After this, without speaking, put it at a crossroad. This experiment should be done in the morning before sunrise. By doing this, the disease of the patient starts running away.

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For incurable diseases (Holi Ke Totke)

Sometimes such a disease occurs which does not get cured even after a lot of efforts. In this situation, on the day of Holi, take a fresh lemon and drop it on the sick person 7 times. Throw this lemon in two different directions. With this experiment, the patient will start getting better. This experiment has to be done in the evening.

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on astrology and is being given for information only. News24 does not confirm this. Before taking any remedy, be sure to consult the expert of the concerned subject.

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