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Cyber Attacks: There are Many Apps on Mac OS had the Least Malware Infections in 2022

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Did you know that Mac OS had the least malware infections in 2022. It's no secret that Mac OS is much safer than Windows but that doesn't mean that your personal data is unobtainable for hackers there are many apps on Mac OS that are spreading malware stealing user data were using Macs for their cyber attacks.

I'll show you apps that you should delete right now to save your MacBook and your personal data there are many apps out there that are designed to look legitimate but in reality they are designed to spread malware these apps can be downloaded from the Internet or from the app store and they may look just like any other app but have dangerous code inside them for example a hacker could use your Mac to send spam email launch denial of service attacks or engage in other illegal activities recently we've seen a number of apps that were using the command and control pattern which basically means that malware receives commands from the server and performs certain actions this technique was used to bypass Apple's severe examination procedures alongside with changing the application's UI just for the time of them being reviewed the app pages were filled with good reviews which were totally unreal which drove people to assume that apps were credible the apps were masked as innocent PDF viewing and editing apps screen recorders or webcam enabled apps but in reality were distributed malicious code here are these apps.

PDF reader for Adobe PDF files by Stana technology, word writer Pro by netoza limited, screen recorder by Safe Harbor technology, webcam expert by Wildfire technology, streaming browser video player by Boulevard technology, another PDF editor by polarnet limited and PDF reader by XU Liu.

What's interesting four of these malware spreading apps were in the top 15 charts of the App Store luckily the thread was uncovered and the apps were deleted from the app store yet I will will still ask you to check your computer these apps were in top charts so there is still a chance you've downloaded them earlier this year when browsing the App Store it's important to avoid so-called please swear subscription apps such apps are not posting a direct threat to your Mac but can compromise your financial stability fleeceware is a term used to describe mobile applications that use deceptive or aggressive tactics to charge users excessive fees these applications often lure users in with Promises of free or low-cost services but then use a variety of tactics to charge users large recurrent fees these tactics can include making it difficult for users to cancel subscriptions hide in the true cost of the service or use an unclear or misleading language in the app's terms of service typically these apps are disguised as entertainment focused apps face filters wallpaper apps anti-stress and so on these apps are hard to track and eliminate and some of them currently still exist in the App Store here are a few examples.

Face lab, Nebula, Pixelmatic Etc.

Please avoid such apps at all costs.

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