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Coronavirus in China | Beijing indicates a decrease in deaths and hospital admissions from COVID-19 | Center for Disease Control | CDC | | WORLD

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The Center for Disease Control of China (CDC) assured that the number of deaths from covid-19 in hospitals in the country has decreased by 97.6% compared to the peak registered on January 4.

The number of deaths in clinics due to the disease fell from the maximum marked on January 4, with 4,273, to the 102 registered on February 6, the agency said in a report published last night.

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For its part, the number of hospital admissions due to covid reached its ceiling of 1.6 million on January 5, when it began to fall to the 60,000 registered on February 6, data that represents a decline of 96.3%, the CDC pointed out.

The number of people hospitalized with severe covid symptoms reached its peak on January 5 with 128,000, later falling to the 2,000 recorded this Monday.

Chinese and international experts had warned that the holidays for the Lunar New Yearwhich fell in 2023 between January 21 and 27, could cause a spread of the disease due to the high number of trips and hospital pressure in rural areas, which have scarcer health resources.

UK healthcare industry analytics company Airfinity He predicted before the holidays that some 36,000 deaths a day could be reached during the holiday week.

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The CDC recently reported 3,278 deaths from covid-19 in hospitals between January 27 and February 2.

After almost three years of harsh restrictions, confinements and practically total closure of borders that ended up crystallizing in protests in various parts of the country, China began to dismantle the 'zero covid' guideline at the beginning of December, and on January 8 it reduced from category A -level of maximum danger- to category B the management of the disease, thus marking the end of this strategy in practice.

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