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In Ibagué, a 9-year-old girl and her 22-year-old uncle were reported missing in the last few hours and this Thursday their lifeless bodies were found in a residence in the San Pedro Alejandrino neighborhood, Colombia.

to the mystery of death and disappearance of Sofía Olaya and Ricardo Olaya a third body found with the victims is added, whose identity has not been revealed by the authorities.

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According to the information provided by the family, the girl and her uncle left their home, located in the Atolsure garden neighborhood, on Wednesday morning without notifying where they were going.

After several hours without having information about them, The little girl's mother went to the authorities to ask for help and start the search.

Colonel Carlos Germán Oviedo Lamprea, commander of the Ibagué Metropolitan Police, told EL TIEMPO that the residence where the bodies were found had been rented by the father of the third person, a man of approximately 30 years.

EL TIEMPO was able to establish that the three bodies were found this morning by the father of that third person, and that the little girl and her uncle were covered with sheets, while the body of the other man was on a mat. The causes of death of the girl and the two adults are being investigatedbecause during the removal of the bodies no signs of violence were observed.

It was also known that the 30-year-old asked to borrow the room from his father, which is why he would not have been there and, on Thursday morning, when he entered the place, he found the people dead.

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