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Colombia: 108 primates rescued due to possible case of animal abuse | VIDEO Valle del Cauca Prosecutor’s Office | WORLD

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More than a hundred monkeys that were being used for biomedical studies in a scientific center in the Colombian department of Cauca's Valley (southwest) were rescued in a possible case of animal abuseThe Prosecutor's Office reported this Friday.

The prosecution opened an investigation to determine if there is illegal conduct on the part of the scientific center, which could include crimes against life, the physical and emotional integrity of animals, the environment and natural resources, as well as public administration, the entity indicated in a release.

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Environmental authorities, units of the National Police and the National Army participated in the rescue operation, who, together with the Prosecutor's Office, recovered the 108 monkeys that remained at the disposal of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC) for relevant assessments by biologists and veterinarians.

"The conclusions of the analyzes will allow clarity on the health status of the animals and presumed behavioral changes"pointed out the prosecutionwho indicated that these results would be “a relevant input for ongoing research”.

Likewise, the prosecution added that the process has made it possible to establish that "The animals were transferred from La Mojana Sucreña in the northwest of the country to the headquarters of the scientific center in the rural area of Cali.

As part of the verifications carried out by the institution, "The methods and routes used to transport the primates are monitored, as well as the state and condition in which they remain and are treated in the laboratories" and are verified "permits, licenses and monitoring of animals".

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