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CM said – Finance Minister should clearly say that we are against OPS

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CM Ashok Gehlot: Regarding OPS on Monday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the central government will not give money to the states. He also targeted other parties regarding free schemes. Reversing his statement, CM Gehlot said that the kind of statements made by the Union Finance Minister, I think the Finance Minister should have clearly said that we are against OPS, then we will know what is your intention. Is.

CM said – I am saddened by the statement of the Finance Minister

CM Gehlot further said that you are giving roundabout answers regarding OPS. It is a question of a humane approach to employees. We are not being kind to the employees. After 35 years of service, man should not feel security, depend on share market. Where is the wisdom in this? He said that I feel sad that being the Finance Minister of the country, she is giving such answers which have no meaning.

Make a central committee and get it discussed

The CM said that the center should form a committee and discuss it. What is the problem with this? He said that at least four-five states have come. The Chief Minister of Haryana is forming the committee. May be implemented soon. This is their condition. Haven't learned lesson from Himachal yet. CM said that clearly OPS should be implemented. The CM said that we cannot leave our employees to the mercy of the stock market.

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