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Chanakya Niti: Men should be alert from these qualities of women, otherwise they can be ruined

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New Delhi, Chanakya Niti :- India's greatest diplomat and politician Chanakya has composed many texts on economics and politics. In these books, he has told many types of things for the general public. If every person implements all these things in his life, then no one can stop the progress in his life. Many such facts have also been told about women in Chanakya policy, about which we will give you information today.

Men take special care of these things

  • Women should never be considered less than men. Women have 6 times more courage than men, they face even the most difficult situations without fear.
  • Acharya Chanakya says one more thing about women, according to him the women of the house should never be left in the hands of any other man. Doing this is harmful for both the women and the family.
  • It is said that men are more sensual than women, but Acharya Chanakya, on the contrary, describes women as 8 times more sensual than men. They believe that women are better than men in every aspect.
  • Women are 4 times more learned and intelligent than men. For this reason, she acts wisely even in the biggest crisis and confronts it with patience.

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