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Central Government’s stand on Petrol, Diesel GST and Old Pension is clear. public only milk cow

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The government has thrown its dice on Petrol and Diesel. It has been said that if everyone agrees, then they are ready to bring it in GST. But the onus is on the states to express their consent on this in the council. But as the center said that if the states implement OPS (old pension scheme), then the center will not give money to the states for NPS (national pension scheme). Just as the Center is taking decisions by clearing its stand in this, why is it not taking decisions on GST on petrol diesel price?

You and I are milk cows.

We are the public and also the milch cow. This milch cow is enjoyed by the state in the form of a calf and the center as the owner. It is expected from us that we should stand straight like a cow and if we do too much trouble, we will be directly punished by the whip of “Tax and Law”.

The meaning is that graze throughout the day and keep feeding milk to the owner and the calf. The maximum that you can do is to do daily exercise to feed your stomach. Chanvar can roam whether it is sun or water, keep working hard because you have to give milk again in the evening.

Only politics is going on on Petrol Diesel.

If we talk about bringing petrol-diesel and air turbine fuel and gas under GST, the opposite has been done for the last several times and now a new chapter has been added to it. The Center has said that we are ready to bring petroleum products under GST, but the state governments should be ready for this.

The state government very well earns from the sale of petrol and diesel and directly fills its coffers. The Center also directly collects its treasury by levying many types of taxes from the earnings you sell on petrol and diesel, but now as the Center has cleared its stand regarding the old pension scheme, it will not give its money to the states for this.

Similarly, if the center only wants petroleum products to be brought under GST, then by reducing the burden of additional tax, it can declare it as one of the big decisions taken back to the public by giving its share to the state governments.

just stunt nothing else

The problem is that the center has to get rid of the rising inflation and also has to do politics, so for that this simple ball has been thrown that the center is ready to bring in GST and the states need to sign it whereas Such a situation has been going on for the last several years with the introduction of GST, there is no solution on this because there is one center in the country but there are many states.

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