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Can’t get into Gmail? Here is the solution – Apps – Technology

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Gmail is one of the email platforms most used by Internet users. Although most of the time it works without any error, sometimes it has flaws that won't let people into your account.

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Here we will explain what are the most common failures that prevent you from accessing your Gmail account. Besides, You will learn practical solutions to recover your account and receive emails again and send them normally. (How to create a gmail account without having google mail?)

check your password

One of the main problems that people can't get into their Gmail is because they forget their password.

If this is the case, Google offers a tool for people to recover their account and reset their password. For this, it is only necessary to follow the steps indicated in the "forgot your password?" button.

Also, you can check if you are typing your password in uppercase or lowercase, it may seem obvious, but sometimes this detail is often overlooked.

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synchronization problems

Some Gmail users have reported that when they try to access their account they get a message saying “account not synced” when they register from the Gmail application on the cell phone.

Also, you might get the error message saying that the application is running very slow. These issues can be caused by different reasons, but by following these steps you can fix it.

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· Update your Gmail app on your mobile, This can be done from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
· Restart your smartphone.
· Check your internet connection or that it works properly.
· Check that you have Gmail sync turned on from the Android settings app.
· Clear app data from “settings”, “applications”, “Gmail”, “storage” and finally press “clear data”.

One of the main problems why people cannot enter their Gmail is because they forget their password.

The browser has problems

There are different issues due to which the browser is not able to access your Gmail account.

· This failure may be related to your password or with the servers of the platform. If this is your problem, please use another browser.
Sometimes when installing certain extensions on Google can make access to Gmail impossible. Try disabling them to rule out that this is the problem.
Sometimes people can't access your account if they have changed their DNS server or if they use a VPN. If this is your case, try to recover the default settings so that you can access your Gmail.

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Gmail website does not load

These are the reasons why Gmail is slow to respond or doesn't load.

· You do not have a good connection to a stable internet.
· The Gmail platform is down. Although this rarely happens, it can happen. In this case, you can only wait until the service is restored.
· Your computer is saturated. This happens when an application is hogging processor or network resources.
· The mobile app has stopped working. In this case you can clear the Gmail cache or delete and reinstall the application.

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