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Can ChatGPT guess the lottery numbers? The AI’s response surprised everyone | artificial intelligence | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | TECHNOLOGY

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The artificial intelligence It has become fashionable. And one of its most popular exponents today is ChatGPT, an OpenAI technology that, in the form of a chat, is capable of holding fluent and very interesting conversations on various topics.

This technology 'learns' from interaction with people to be increasingly accurate and efficient. His skill surprises not only for the great variety of topics he handles but also for the clarity and quality of the answers he gives. What would happen if we asked ChatGPT if it is able to guess the Baloto lottery numbers? We did and their responses were interesting.

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The first thing we did was ask ChatGPT if they knew the Colombian Baloto: “Yes, I know the Baloto. It is a popular lottery game in Colombia that is played every Wednesday and Saturday. Players buy tickets and choose six numbers to participate in the draw. El Baloto is one of the oldest and most popular lotteries in Colombia and is currently part of Operador Nacional de Juegos, a company made up of Grupo Gelsa and Redcolsa. Since its creation in 1990, Baloto de Colombia has awarded millions of dollars in prizes to players and has been an important source of income for social projects in Colombia.”.

Good start. The answer was precise and clear, as well as contextual, with interesting data. Can ChatGPT guess the Balloto numbers? In the next question we went straight to the point: “Taking into account the historical data of the ballot in Colombia, Give me suggested numbers to play Baloto”.

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His response was: "It is not possible to predict with certainty the winning numbers in a lottery draw like the Baloto de Colombia. Winning numbers are determined by drawing and there is no reliable method or strategy to predict which numbers will be drawn at any given time.. The best strategy is to choose numbers that are meaningful to you, such as important dates or number combinations, rather than trying to predict the winning numbers.s”.

We did not give up on ChatGPT and we continue to insist on the possibility of guessing the winning numbers of the Baloto. The next question, taking into account the previous answer, insisted on obtaining suggested numbers: “I understand, the same, even if it is not possible to predict winning numbers, Give me some numbers that you can think of to play Baloto”.

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His answer was again precise: “As an OpenAI-trained AI language model, I have no personal preferences or emotions, so I don't have an 'opinion' on which numbers to choose to play Colombian Baloto. Also, as already mentioned above, it is not possible to predict with certainty the winning numbers in a lottery draw.”.

However, ChatGPT can give random numbers to play Balloto, obviously, which it chooses without any formula, calculation or history. They are just that: random numbers. The question to obtain these random numbers for the Baloto was: “Give me six random numbers from 1 to 43″. And ready, ChatGPT simply picks some random numbers.

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