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Bangladesh News: Desperate to involve India’s neighbor in the economic net, Beijing’s request reached Dhaka – Ambassador of China to Bangladesh met Bangladeshi Minister demanding free trade deal

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Bangladesh News: China desperate for free trade agreement with Bangladesh. In this regard, the Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh also held a meeting with the Minister of Planning today.

Bangladesh News: Desperate to involve India's neighbor in the economic net, Beijing's request reached Dhaka

Chinese ambassador in the meeting

Dhaka: Again China's request for free trade with Bangladesh. In this sense, the country of dragons wants to sign a free trade agreement with Bangladesh this year. The Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh has informed that China is waiting with great interest to sign a Free Trade Agreement with Bangladesh. The Chinese Embassy has also informed that the agreement must be made within this year.

This statement was not only made by the Chinese embassy. The Chinese ambassador came to the ministry and held a meeting with Bangladesh Planning Minister MA Mannan and requested to sign a free trade agreement. After the meeting, the Chinese ambassador to Dhaka, Yao Wen, told reporters about this. The meeting was held at the office of the Minister of Planning in Sherbangla Nagar, capital Dhaka.

After this meeting on Wednesday, Planning Minister MA Mannan said that Bangladesh has a lot to learn from China's progress in various fields including industrial development and technology. He said, "China is cooperating in infrastructure development. They want to increase business and investment in this country. The ambassador highlighted these issues in the meeting." Meanwhile, in response to journalists' questions on the Rohingya issue, the Chinese ambassador said, "China is sympathetic to Bangladesh in this regard. This is a complex problem. which has been hanging for years. Many parties including Bangladesh, Myanmar are involved in this.”

China's ambassador to Dhaka, Yao Wen, said, "China is working to ensure that the Rohingyas can return to their country Myanmar in a safe and peaceful way." He also mentioned China's aid program for the Rohingyas. Regarding the development of Bangladesh, the Chinese ambassador said, "Despite the impact of the global epidemic corona, the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in the last fiscal year was more than 7 percent. It is surprising. In this regard, Bangladesh is leading among Asian countries. He hopes Bangladesh will do well this year too despite the complicated global situation due to the war. It should be noted that the current trade between the two countries is dominated by China. Bangladesh exports about one billion dollars worth of goods to China annually. About 25 billion dollars worth of goods are imported from China. With this opportunity, China wants to increase business with Bangladesh. Bangladesh is not supposed to get along with China if there is a free trade agreement with such a large trade deficit. In addition, there is a danger that the trade deficit will increase further if this agreement is signed with China.

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