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ASK Shah Rukh Khan Who threatened Shah Rukh Khan with FIR then Pathan accepted his mistake

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New Delhi. Shah Rukh Khan today once again started a Twitter trend by asking ASK SRK. From time to time, Shahrukh Khan keeps running this trend on Twitter where he answers the fan's silly questions in a casual way. People like this style of Shahrukh a lot. Shahrukh also answers the questions in a cheeky way. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan's Pathan is busy setting a different record. The box office of Pathan film is continuously increasing and the film is making excellent collections. Pathan movie is going to do gross box office collection of 1000 crores soon. In such a situation, both the makers of Pathan and Shahrukh Khan are happy. Here today we are going to tell which question was asked to Shahrukh Khan in Ask SRK this time and how Shahrukh answered that question.

Let us tell you that this time Ask SRK was of a different kind. A fan of Shahrukh Khan threatened to file an FIR against Shahrukh Khan. Actually Shahrukh's age is about 57 years. But seeing his fitness, no one would consider him 57 years old. Just on this point a fan said, “I am filing an FIR against Khan Sahab. This man lies that he is 57 years old. This user said this and also shared Shahrukh Khan's shirtless photo.

Responding to which Shahrukh Khan wrote, "Please don't yaar. Ok, I have to admit that I am only 30 years old. I told you the truth and that's why my next film is also "Jawan". This answer of Shah Rukh Khan became headlines, while he also answered many more questions in the Ask SRK segment. When a fan asked the secret of his happy life, Shah Rukh Khan gave the credit to his wife Gauri Khan.

Shahrukh Khan is going to be seen in the film Jawan after the immense success of Pathan. Apart from this, his film Danki with Raju Hirani is also going to release this year. Taapsee Pannu will also be seen in the lead role along with Shahrukh Khan in Danky film. Wherein Danky movie will release later this year in December. While Jawan is slated to release in June this year, there are reports that the release date of that film may be pushed further.

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