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Two men who were trying to rob a young man who was riding a bicycle at a service station in La Plata, Argentinawere run over by a driver of a vehicle to prevent theft.

The event was recorded on a security camera of the establishment and allows us to show how the young cyclist noticed that two men were following him and decided to take refuge in the service station.

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However, one of the criminals got off the motorcycle and began to throw stones at the young man, who defended himself using pepper spray, but it was not enough to scare the thief away. In desperation, the young man tried to run with the bicycle next to him, but the criminal continued the pursuit while his accomplice circled the establishment on the motorcycle. It was at that moment when the driver of a red vehicle, who had noticed what was happening in the place, hit the motorcycle head-on.

The man riding the motorcycle jumped to his feet and ran to avoid being caught, but the driver of the red car got out to chase him. Finally both thieves were captured.

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