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Apple MacBook Pro – M2 Pro & M2 Max Just Announced Review

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MacBook: we're talking about the just announced M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro 2023.

They got announced late last night or early today depending on where you are and these look pretty wild in a nutshell apple is saying that they are up to six times faster than the fastest Intel based MacBook Pro which is I guess 2019-2020.

MacBook Pro M2 Pro

The base M2 Pro which is just the base version it's in the 14 inch model as a 10 core CPU and a 16 core GPU which is good and the higher end models are going to have a 12 core CPU and 19 core GPU which is a little more than the current best one on the market.

MacBook Pro M2 Max

M2 Max chip and this is where the rubber hits the road it starts at 12 core CPU and it goes up to a 38 core GPU that is double the cores or GPU cores then the current best MacBook Pro on the market.

M1 Max TO M2 Max chip

Apple says the new CPU is up to 40 faster than the M1 Max which makes sense and the GPU delivers 20 greater performance than the M1 Max so yeah a little bit of upgrade but not a huge one. The M2 Max chip though supports up to 96 gigs of RAM yeah 96 gigs on on a laptop pretty damn good and it's quite a jump up as you can imagine from the previous 64 gigs for you uh 3D type people.

Wi-Fi 6E which debuted on the M2 iPad Pro last year and it also comes with an advanced HDMI for multi-channel audio output which allows you to basically connect 8K displays uh up and yeah what is it here up to 60 gig or 60 hertz and 4K displays up to 240 hertz pardon me that's a mouthful and you know what it's also got Bluetooth 5.3 all right.

So like I said way more memory oh what do we got here look at this M2 Max supports 400 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth pretty damn good the battery life's gone way up it's it's it's way up let's see what we got out here it's got four efficiency cores as opposed to the two in the previous versions it's got a lot more transistors 67 billion transistors which is 10 billion more than the M1 Max so yeah it's gone up there too and uh yeah again connect more displays just do a lot more things we don't know the pricing yet I at least I haven't seen it yet it's probably going to be a bit more but all in all this looks like an amazing MacBook an amazing upgrade.

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