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Apple iPhone 15 – We Have Shocking News

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Today we have some shocking news About the Apple iPhone 15 series along with plenty of upgraded specs and features that I'm sure you'll be happy with so first of all we'll get the good stuff out the way and when it comes to the iPhone 15.

we do have plenty of upgrades of course we get the a17 in the iPhone 15 Pro and the pro Max this is going to be a three nanometer chip manufactured by tsmc in the first three nanometer chips have begun mass production this week the non-pro iPhone 15 models will of course be using the previous a16 chip now we're finally getting a faster USB 3.2 Port thanks to the iPhone 15 at switching to USB type c and it's going to significantly improve the data transfer speeds via cable as well as much faster charging unfortunately the non-pro models are not going to be getting USBC and they'll continue to use the lightning connector for one more year.

We're also losing the power and the volume buttons in favor of solid state touch capacitive buttons now these are going to be similar to the home buttons that we've seen in the past and they're going to use a additional taptic engines to create the feel of actually pressing a button even though you're not we're getting an increase to eight gigabytes of RAM on the Pro Models and this is of course going to help apps perform even better and it will allow you to keep even more apps running in the background without having to reload the content when you open them finally we're going to be getting increased optical zoom on the Pro Models thanks to the first Periscope camera on an iPhone and it's reported that this can be a 10 times Periscope camera this is a big step up from the previous three time zoom.

Now as always that we've had many rumors of an in-display Touch ID coming to the iPhone 15 but we get these rumors every single time and it never happens according to Mark German there is an under display Touch ID designed for an iPhone but it's not expected to be in the iPhone 15 at all as Apple have heavily pushed everything to face ID and they've got no plans to change strategy now it's a shame that we don't get the choice between the two but realistically I think it's just something that iPhone users are going to have to accept we also have news that apple is seriously concerned about the sales of the iPhone 14 plus and as a result they may rethink the iPhone 15 plus strategy even at this late stage.

According to a report on Navar there are currently two considerations from Apple the first is going to be a price reduction for the iPhone 15 plus to attract more people to buy it but this is obviously going to mean weak and specs as well there are also rumors that they could try and introduce the mini again but of course the reason the mini was removed in the first place it was due to poor sales so I don't see this happening Ming Chi quo previously advised that Apple are going to be doing more to differentiate the pro and the non-pro models with the iPhone 15 given the pro success this year that in itself means we can expect much weaker specs on the non-pro model and even a cheaper price tag and this could be enough to save the iPhone 15 plus if they do choose to go ahead with it so that's all the information we have for today.

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