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Apple iphone 15 New Update Regarding the Type-c, Speeds, Cameras

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iPhone 15: We have more details regarding the Type-c situation with the iPhone 15 series.

Apple iphone 15 New Update Type-c

So recently there's been tons of talk whether we'll see Type-c with the 15 series or would Apple go port lists instead? Now, personally, I still think Apple is going to give us a type-c port. The whole point of the European Union's put this law in place is to create a common standard for smartphones. And while yes, I know that Apple can work around this by simply going pointless, I don't think the tech for lists iPhone is ready yet and there are benefits to the Type-c ports and the I recently quoted tell us that yes, we should see type-c with the 15 series, but only the pros get thunderbolt and the regular models will be restricted to USB 2.0 speeds.

And now we have a report from IGN basically agreeing with on this that yes, there should be a difference in speeds with the ports on the regular and pro models, but the difference actually might not be as big as we thought.

So according to him, he says the standard usb-c ports on the base models will still support years before version two and the pro models will have Thunderbolt four supports with backwards compatibility and Usb-c for version two supports.

Apple iphone 15 New Update Speeds

Now, interestingly, he also says we could see 120 gigs per second of bandwidth with the iPhone 15 pro models and the regular models could be limited to 40 gigs per second. Now those numbers sound ludicrous. And personally I do have my doubts because take for example the iPad pro's.

There speeds of 40 gigs per second, which is plenty fast for most mobile devices and some kind of confuse. The iPhone 15 pro could get 120 gigs per second. That just seems ludicrous and I don't think that's going to be the case. I think the iPhone 15 Pro should match the iPad pro's with 40 gigs per second. That's still going to be a major upgrade over Lightning. And as for the regular models, I do still unfortunately think they're going to stick with the USB 2.0 speeds.

Now, I know some are not happy about this, but to be honest, most regular consumers are not going to be transferring contents. And so this specs really not that important. I think it's way more crucial. The pros get thunderbolt because they do support pro choice videos. So of course now you can easily record video and then transfer that footage over to a computer in seconds. And so yeah, I totally understand why the 15 pro's should get thunderbolt speeds, but the regular models do not need that.

Most are just charging their devices with the ports. And so yeah, this spec is really not that important. Now that's not the only difference. The pro models are going to see, because obviously even with these initial iPhone 15 rumors, there is already a ton of separation between the pro models and the regular models. And so let's break down the differences.

So the first change is, of course, the chips and sides. The pro models are going to get the 17 chip, whereas the regular models are going to stick with the E 16 chip. And while this year the upgrades weren't that massive with the A16 chip, the 17 should be based on a three nanometer process. And so yeah, the performance and efficiency upgrades should be pretty major with this chip. And alongside the chip upgrade, we should see increased RAM with the pro models. It should now be eight gigs of RAM. And while that's probably not going to make a massive difference, it might help with future proofing these devices.

Apple iphone 15 New Update

if you remember the iPhone 14 leaks, there were rumors we would see eight gigs around 48k video supports. And so maybe that's going to be the case with the 15 Pro series. And actually that brings us to the cameras because much like the 14 series, there are going to be camera differences between the regular and pro models.
For example, the pro's should have state of the art Sony image sensors that capture more light and these upgrades should be coming to the wide and the ultrawide and telephoto wise. Obviously the ultra is going to get periscope zoom, which is going to give the iPhone ten x optical zoom, which is a big upgrades.

Finally, the iPhone is catching up to Android in this aspect and that should result in 3x digital zoom, which is another big change. Now for those wondering what are the telephoto upgrades for the regular pro? Well, that's not been answered yet. We have no leaks regarding it, but I think we could see a jump from three x to five X. And for those wondering why the regular pro is not getting the periscope zoom lens, it's purely because of size constraints. You see the Android phones that have Periscope Zoom lenses are the ones with the massive displays. The smaller phones don't have this. And so I think that's the reason the 15 pro's not getting this. They just would not be enough space in this unless Apple, of course, compromises on other key components like the battery capacity. And

Finally, we do have some crazy reports. Number one, dual cameras on the front for the 15 pro series. I don't think that's going to be the case. Yes. The second lens could be an ultra wide lens for the front that could be helpful for group selfies, but I think it would be a downgrade to increase the size of the islands. And the second crazier reports is solid state buttons. Now I'm done for this, but I doubt that many are going to be a fan of this and cases might not work that well with these buttons. See, I don't see these two reports materializing for the 15 series. Oh, and also, of course, there is a chance the new design only comes to the pro models. And the titanium chassis, of course, is going to be exclusive to the pro models. And so, yeah, much like this year, it's not worth buying the regular models because they're just going to miss out on so many big features. Just get the pros instead. And it makes sense because as consumers upgrade less often, Apple rather of course get you to spend more cash and get you to buy the pro models with the bigger profit margins. And so while I am partly gutted by this, I can see why Apple is doing this. Anyways, let's delve into your comments.

So Joe says quad cameras will look goofy with the LiDAR sensor and Flash. And yes, I completely agree with this. It would be way too cluttered. And like I said in previous videos, there is a purpose behind the triple lens layouts. It's like that so that the sensors are an equal distance between each other, which does make the switching between the lenses a lot smoother on the iPhone.

So William says, I think it's time for a new camera design. To be honest, we've had the triple lens camera for years and it's kind of getting old. One potential creative solution is to have one big camera lens for the main sensor and smaller lenses for the other sensors. Even if it has no purpose, it would still make the iPhone iconic.

Now, I wouldn't agree with that because your idea has already been done by other Android flagships, mainly Xiaomi's devices, incorporated bumps similar to this. And also like I said, the whole reason switching between lenses is so smooth with the iPhone is because each lens is an equal distance with each other. So giving us one massive lens with other additional smaller lenses would ruin this.

See, once again, guys, I'm sorry, but I just don't care about any redesign on the back of the device. I'm not staring at the back of the device and the triple lens allow is fine as is. If anything, make it more flush with the body. But that's really about it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

So Timi says flat glass on back makes sense. And yes, I agree with this because curved glass would make this more fragile, since if you do drop this on the sides, the impacts now affecting the glass and that could completely crack the back. And so while curved glass does look better, I think durability wise, flat glass is the way to go.

Timmy also says, how about four cameras on the back and future six cameras on the back? LOL. Now I don't think we're ever going to see six cameras on the back. Why would a phone even need that many sensors now?

Yes, I believe there was a Nokia smartphone that had nine lenses, but that phone completely flopped. And yeah, most consumers just don't need anything above the regular three sensors.

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