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Apple iPhone 15 is Coming with Some huge Upgrades

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The Apple iPhone 15 is coming with some huge upgrades including one that we've all been waiting for so first story of the day we've got news that we'll finally see Periscope cameras on the iPhone 15s but this is going to be for the Pro Models only.

Now the news comes up from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and he advises that we could see a periscope camera on the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Now this does however come from supply chain information so there is a chance that it could be for the 15 Pro Max only.

Now the largest phone may also be called the iPhone 15 Ultra and not the pro Max but until we get some solid confirmation we're going to refer to it as the iPhone 15 Pro Max on this Site well there were early rumors of AP lenders on the primary camera of the Pro Models Ming-Chi Kuo also advises that it doesn't look like this is going to happen.

Now next up we've got news from Barclays analysts that Cirrus logic are going to be bringing new high performance mixed signal components to smartphones next year and put in simple terms Cirrus logic provide much of the haptic technology that power the iPhones this news that backs up Ming-Chi Kuo previous claims that the iPhone 15 models are going to lose the power buttons in place of capacitive touch buttons with the haptic feedback and this is a relatively big change considering that the body has stayed the same on the iPhone for the past couple of years.

Now we've also got news from shrimp Apple Pro that the iPhone 15 is going back to a more curved design instead of the flat Edge design that we've got currently now he tweeted to say that the back Edge design is going to become more rounded and then it's also going to be made from titanium and it tells us that basically we can expect to see a curve that's similar to the iPhone 5c I like the flat Edge design but I think a little more curve is going to make it more comfortable to hold and in terms of reliability shrimp Apple Pro was actually the first to tell us about the punch hole cameras in this year's iPhone 14s so he's a very credible Source.

Now next up we've got news that the iPhone 15 series is finally going to be switching to USB type c but there is still a catch I was surprised to see that Apple kept the lightning Port this time around it due to it being very technology and it's really suffering with charging in transfer speeds but I assume the decision was down to profit the EU ruling means that they will have to use USB type-c at least in the EU by 2024 but it appears it's happening sooner according to Ming Chi Kuo his latest survey indicates that the iPhone 15s are going to be switching to USB type c but only the 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max are going to support the high speed transfer he says the iPhone 15 and the 15 plus are going to have USBC but only on USB 2 technology whereas the 15 Pro and the pro Max are going to support at least USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3.

Now this is great news for the pro users but it really doesn't make sense to me of course they want to differentiate the pro from the non-pro models but if the non-pro models still have USB 2 then they may as well stick to the lightning Port as they're still being bogged down by the old technology and the transfer and charging speeds are going to stay the same of course this could be down to pressure from the EU but we're gonna have to wait and see oh overall though it's great news is the iPhone has really come together and I think one of its weakest areas at the lightning Port that means slow fast charging and slow transfer speeds now it's great to see that a periscope lens is coming with the new cropping technology that we've seen in the iPhone 14 pros and the pixel 7s this should give us great quality photos throughout multiple ranges of Zoom.

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