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Apple iPhone 15 A17 – Chip And Battery EXCLUSIVE NEWS

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Apple iPhone 15, is A17 CHIP could be more focused on battery life than power. Apple's silicon always had an upper hand over other mobile sources. Every new A-series bionic chip offered better performance than the previous one. However, this might not be the case with the 2020 fives is 17 chip that will be used in the iPhone 15 series.

It is reported that the next gen chipset will focus more on battery life improvements than processing power. According to 9 to 5 Mac, the 17 bionic chips for iPhone 15 series may prioritize battery life over processing power. The information was revealed by a statement made by Tsmc's chairman when asked about the company's three nanometer chips. For those who don't know, TSMC manufactures that chips that are used in Apple's iPhones, the semiconductor manufacturer is going to use a smaller three inch and process node in the next Gen 17 chip and the production of the same was started a few days ago to celebrate the start of mass production of three NM chips.

The company held a ceremony a few days ago and today Tsmc's chairman Mark Liu revealed impressive efficiency improvement figures resulting from the new process. In a statement given to Bloomberg said the three new processes offer better performance than the five nanometer chips, while requiring about 35% less power. Macs, powered by a new M2 pro chip, might devote with a new process node before the iPhone 15 is 17 processor in addition, and three chips are also expected to use a three inch process.

A 17 will not necessarily prioritize performance over power efficiency, despite the Chipmaker's emphasis on power efficiency. That's something Apple will decide. Meanwhile, iPhone 15 range leaks have revealed a number of potentially tantalizing upgrades coupled with jaw dropping price increases. But now a new report claims Apple may slash prices.

Bad news for those hoping Apple's potential price cuts for standard iPhone 15 models could see the return of the mini form factor. Since use 1122 revealed Apple's aggressive pricing strategy, significant chatter has built around how the company would achieve that.

Slashing the iPhone 15 plus price has a shock wave impact on the iPhone 15 iPhone 14, which is likely to remain on sale and even the entry level iPhone special edition. As such, the idea that Apple could simply scrap the plus and launch an iPhone 15 mini under the iPhone 15 makes a lot of sense.

This would enable Apple to create a cheaper entry point to the range, widen the price gap to iPhone 15 pro models and leave other prices unchanged. So what are your opinion on Apple's sudden drop in sales, especially in 14 plus models?

Let us know down in the comment section.

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