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Apple could launch a more expensive ‘Ultra’ version of the iPhone in 2024 | cell phones | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

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Manzana would be exploring the possibility of launching a iphone 'Ultra', which would be apart from the Pro and Pro Max models and would also be more expensive. This iPhone Ultra would come out in 2024 with the iPhone 16 family.

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According to the Apple analyst, mark gurmanthe brand could launch in 2024 a new range of cell phones 'Ultra'that are more powerful and more expensive than its Pro and Pro Max family. This iPhone Ultra could include “camera improvements, a faster chip, and perhaps an even bigger screene”, as well as a design that prioritize wireless charging.

Gurman had previously gambled that an Ultra range would replace the Pro Max series. However, the analyst now believes that it would be a separate line.

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The iPhone 14 family only came out a few months ago, but Apple is already thinking about the iPhone 15. Details of the new series are still unknown, but it is speculated that it will have titanium finishes, in addition to including WiFi 6E for the iPhone 15 Pro .

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