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Alexa Voice Remote Pro Review So what this new fire TV

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So what this new fire TV came a new remote and now this remote is available for order to work on other Amazon devices. The remote is called the Alexa Voice Remote Pro and it is now available for preorder.

So this post, we're going to jump into the details what the upgrades are. What's cool about this remote and if it's worth getting.

So the price of this remote is going to be 34.99$. And as you can see there, it is available for pre-order. I must say. The delivery date is Wednesday, November 16. So we do have a way to go. However, if you did pre-order the new Fire TV Cube, you will get the same remote and that's going to be available towards the end of October. So I'll leave links to both of our TV Cube and the new Voice Remote Pro in Here.

So here are some of the technical details about the remote. So first thing, it looks like it is going to be a little bit taller than the normal remote. So the height of this is going to be 5.8 inches and the width is going to be 1.5. As you can see, we have a ton of new buttons and we'll go over it as we get into the features of this new remote.

Let's start

So the first feature is the Find my Remote feature. Now we're seeing this on the Nvidia Shield, a 2019 shield with a new shield remote. Now you have a function where if you lose your remote behind the couch, you left it in your purse or whatever. He can now use a page and system where the remote will beep and you can go ahead and locate it that way. Well, this has a new feature built into this remote specifically, and it's called for my remote. So what this is, is it says there does have a built in speaker that would emit a ring to lead you right to where they're most located. And all you have to do is say, Alexa, find my remote. That's going to be a very cool feature. I know for me I have a ton of remote controls. If I was to misplace this, I can easily find it.

The second feature is going to be your backlight, which we've been waiting for on the fire stick. So if you're using your your fire TV stick in the dark, now you have motion activated backlight that will illuminate the buttons in a dimly lit room. So this is going to be light sensitive, which means that there's not going to be a dedicated button automatically detects when you're in a dark room, then the buttons will emit a nice glow. And I think this is a nice addition. My only concern will be how the battery life would be, especially if it's not something that you can turn on and off, but cool that it is motion activated and it does wait for the low light situation for it to be activated.

So the next addition is going to be your customizable button. So this new remote has two customizable buttons. With these buttons, what you can do now is you can create your own shortcuts for your favorite channels, your apps, or any Alexa command that you wanted to add. So as you can see that you do have one and two located towards the bottom of the remote, and with that you can select your favorite apps, select your favorite channel, your favorite, whatever, and you have quick access to go ahead and open that up, which I think is a great addition.
Dedicated headphone button. Now, not a huge deal, but for your Bluetooth headphones, instead of having to go through your settings, find your Bluetooth, add your Bluetooth. They have a dedicated headphone button towards the top of the remote and this allows you to pair your wireless headphones a little bit faster. Nice addition, and that's something I can find myself using.
So the new all in one mode also comes with your TV control. So now you can control compatible TVs, your soundbars or receivers with dedicated power volume and mute button so you can also surf your live channels with dedicated channel buttons and get to your favorite TV shows fast with preset app shortcut buttons. Even though this may vary the sort of control, just easily navigate without juggling multiple remotes, which I love the idea of just using your remote to control everything.
So that was some of the features that stood out to me. There are a couple more, but once we get the remote in hand, we'll do a full overall. So as far as your compatible devices, this will be compatible with most of your newer, more modern fire TV devices. So this includes the fire TV Cube, first, second and third generation, the fire TV, 4K and 4K max fire TV sticks, second generation and third generation, as well as the light and the fire TV third generation with the pendant design, which I think is the the diamond looking one, if I'm not mistaken. I actually own that.
So I can see some of the smart TVs there. Amazon Smart TVs. It's not compatible with your fire. TV's first and second generation, your fire TV stick, first generation and Element Fire TV Edition Insignia, HD Insignia, Full HD Hisense Fire TV series. So those devices will not be compatible. So I can see the pro there, $34 versus the fire TV, Elektro Motors $29 and the Alexa voice remote is going to be $29 as well.
So as far as the differences between the remotes, you can see that this has the remote finder, which the other two models don't. Backlit buttons, customizable buttons, headphone buttons, which none of these other remotes have. And I notice that in the pictures they really have two different pictures. First, this one makes it look like these customizable buttons at the bottom will not be branded with any particular streaming application. However, when you go down even a little bit further, you can see that it does have the prime video, Netflix and Disney Plus. So maybe that's the placeholder picture, but it looks like these four applications will be included, however. When you go down even more and this is me probably reading too much into it. All right, here it says Pre-Set app buttons.

So it looks like those apps will be dedicated buttons, which is your prime video Netflix, Disney Plus, which I'm not too excited about. I wish they would have just left those blank. Well, you can customize your own application, however, it's nice to see that at least we have two areas right here where we can set up our own applications. So definitely going to get my hands on this one when it is available. Or I did order the fire TV Cube, the newest third generation. So definitely be on the lookout for that as well. I at the price tag. Is this worth it? This is basically the the price of a 4K fire TV stick, which comes to the remote. 4K max isn't too much more expensive. The light is $19. So you're paying $34 just for a remote. So let me know in the comment if it's worth it.

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