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5G Home Internet Services Problems Streaming live TV

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If you've got a 5G home internet service from T-Mobile or Verizon you may have heard about problems streaming live TV. But I did some research and I found these problems they're not with all live TV services.

On its FAQ page T-Mobile says it uses Dynamic IP addressing remember that and it can't change your IP address from Dynamic to static as a result that may cause the geolocation to show different than the physical location of your T-Mobile Gateway in your home and services like Hulu live and sling TV are not compatible.

According to T-Mobile after reading that my next step was to reach out to all the major live TV services to verify whether they are indeed compatible with these 5G home internet services.


Hulu live did not respond to my media request and unfortunately that's been common over the seven years that I've been covering streaming TV but a chat representative was helpful here's what I learned .

First Hulu does not recommend that you use the live TV plan with 5G home internet service providers like T-Mobile and to be clear I'm talking about the live TV plan not Hulu basic and second the agent confirmed some people with 5G home internet will still use Hulu live but then they'll reach out to support every time they run into issues.

Now this seems like too much of a hassle to me so until anything changes I choose between either 5G home internet or Hulu live and what about .

Sling TV

Sling TV thank you to sling TV for providing an official response and in that response sling TV acknowledges the issue and it encourages its users to contact their internet provider. I don't really think that's much of a solution because it puts you as the customer in the middle.

But still I have heard from users who say sling TV works just fine with 5G home internet so leave me a comment and let me know your experience down below DirecTV stream fubotv Philo and friendly TV they all confirmed to me that their services are compatible with 5G home internet.

YouTube TV

let's talk about YouTube TV the live TV service I use most of the time and my number one pick for first time streamers you may already know that YouTube TV be actually partners with T-Mobile home internet and provides a 10 monthly discount I've been testing YouTube TV with both T-Mobile 5G home internet and Verizon 5G home internet so I can personally confirm that yes it is compatible when I reached out to a YouTube TV chat rep I was told YouTube TV should work with any internet service provider as long as you get the required internet speed and as long as the system is able to detect your correct current location.

Now if you've got fiber or cable internet you're not going to be affected by this issue this is really something 5G home internet customers are going to need to consider, Cable internet provider Xfinity makes this point in its campaign against T-Mobile service.

But 5G home internet services they're targeting price sensitive customers who either don't have access to fiber or cable internet or maybe they're just unhappy with their existing provider and looking for something else the bottom line if this live TV compatibility issue is a concern for you just know that as of this Post T-Mobile and Verizon they do have money back guarantees for 15 and 30 days respectively so you can test out a 5G home internet service before you cancel with your current provider.

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