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50 classic games being pulled from Amazon Luna, on the verge of extinction like Google Stadia? – Amazons Luna To Lose Over 50 Games Very Soon

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Several games are being pulled from Amazon's game streaming service Luna's cloud platform. The shutdown of Google Stadia has also left gamers concerned about the fate of Luna. Find out which games are being removed.

50 classic games being pulled from Amazon Luna, on the verge of extinction like Google Stadia?

Amazon's Luna is losing the game.

Amazon Game Streaming: Amazon's game streaming service Luna is losing multiple games. According to a report by 9to5Google, more than 50 games are being pulled from the streaming platform this month. That list includes classic games like 'No More Heroes', 'Pong' and 'Missile Command'. And that's why Luna+ offers its subscribers the extensive gaming library. So, this time will be much less than before. For games that will no longer be available on the cloud-based streaming platform, a banner will be displayed at the top of the screen stating when the games will no longer be available.

What is Amazon saying?

Another tech giant's cloud gaming service shut down last month. That Google Stadia shutdown has gamers worried about the fate of Luna as well. However, as 9to5Google had previously claimed on behalf of the Amazon Luna team, removing some games from the library is normal. The team explained that their sole objective was to 'keep the selection of games as fresh as possible' for gamers.

“With Amazon Luna, our goal is always to offer gamers a refreshing catalog. This allows our customers to enjoy a wide range of high-quality, best-of-the-best games. With this in mind, we will always keep refreshing our gaming offerings.”

Games that can no longer be played on Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is moving games step by step. Amazon said these games will be removed from Luna between February 9 and February 28. The games that will be removed on February 9 are Bridge Constructor Portal, Buildings Have Feelings Too!, Race the Sun, Spark Light, Spirit of the North, Super Kickers League Ultimate, The Medium, and Urban Trial Playground.

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The games that will be removed from February 11 include No More Heroes and Yono, Celestial Elephants. On the other hand, gamers will not be able to play popular games like Juggernauts from February 27. Again, Flashback, Forsaken and The Last Blade Two will be picked up on February 28.

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