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65 crore plane became junk: mp government 65 crore plane became junk in one year, now shivraj government is preparing to hire aircraft

SFVS Team: - 65 crore plane became junk: mp government 65 crore plane became junk in one year, now shivraj government is preparing to hire aircraft
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  • 65 crore plane made 'junk' in a year
  • Stan plane is standing in Gwalior for 21 days after the accident
  • The Shivraj government bought it from an American company in August 2020.
  • American company refuses to send expert to fix aircraft
In the Corona era, there was a lot of politics on Shivraj's flying knot last year. This dispute was about MP government's new ride. Shivraj Sarkar bought the Beech Craft King Air B200-GT among the world's best business class planes. There was also a lot of controversy over the price. The Congress created a lot of uproar at that time. This ride of the government reached Bhopal in the month of August. It has not been even a year since the aircraft arrived and has become a junk due to lack of maintenance.

Actually, when the corona was at its peak in MP, the difficulty of remadicivir injection started. The government has started using government helicopters and aircraft for injecting hospitals. The aircraft arrived in Gwalior from Gujarat with Remedisvir injection. During this time, he has been the victim of an accident. On May 6, he crashed into a barrier on the runway of Maharajpura airbase in Gwalior. The front portion of the cockpit, propeller blades, propeller hubs and wheels were damaged in the accident.

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Have been standing for 21 days
Today 21 days have passed since the aircraft was damaged. The aircraft was not repaired even in these 21 days. At present, the MP government does not own any aircraft. In such a situation, the problems of the government have also increased. According to media reports, the Shivraj government is now preparing to take a plane on hire. It is being told that the plane crashed was not insured. In such a situation, the state government will also have to bear the cost of fixing it.

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American company refuses to send engineers
Actually, the government bought the aircraft from American aviation company Traxtron. The aircraft is said to be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Such aircraft are currently with the Haryana government only. In such a situation, the responsibility of fixing the aircraft is also with the American company. The American company has refused to send the engineer because of Corona. In such a situation, the state government has no choice left now.

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DGCA is investigating
In this accident, two pilots of the plane received minor injuries. The government then ordered an inquiry. The DGCA is investigating the case. A team of two officers has also inspected the scene of the incident. The investigation report has not been received yet that how the incident happened.

Government will hire aircraft
The government no longer has any aircraft due to the deterioration of the state plane. In such a situation, there is also inconvenience in government work. According to reports, the Shivraj government is now preparing to take a plane on hire. Proposals have been sought from several airlines for this. According to the proposals received by the companies, the airfare per hour will be Rs 5 lakh. The government has said that companies will also have to provide aircraft in no short notice. Although the companies have the condition that the flight should be filled or not, 30-31 fares are required every month.

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Bangladesh plane crashes in Chhattisgarh
Significantly, the United Airways aircraft of Bangladesh has been lying in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, for six years. The aircraft had an emergency landing in 2015 following a technical glitch. But till date this aircraft has not been repaired from here.