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12th board exams will start from March 2, know preparation tips

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Madhya Pradesh: 12th board exams will start from March 2, know preparation tips

Feb 21, 2023 at 01:23 pm
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 Madhya Pradesh: 12th board exams will start from March 2, know preparation tips
Board exam preparation tips (pic: pixel)

According to the datesheet released by the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, the 12th examinations in the states will begin from March 2.

Board exams will be conducted till April 1. The exams will be held in the morning shift from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

During the examination, students get stressed and are not able to study properly.

Let us know what things should be kept in mind while preparing for the exam.

Here is the exam schedule

Hindi exam will be held on 2 March. English on March 4, Physics on March 6, History of Indian Art and the first paper of vocational course.

Biology on March 10, Biotechnology on March 13 and Political Science on March 15 will be the second paper of the vocational course.

History, Chemistry on March 18, Mathematics on March 21, Sociology and Psychology on March 24, Urdu on March 28, Physical Education on March 31 and Sanskrit on April 1.

What to read first?

In the 12th board, students should prepare according to their stream. Students must first understand the latest syllabus.

After understanding the syllabus, you should make your timetable on the basis of easy and difficult subjects. Set aside time for each subject.

Divide each subject into topics on the basis of syllabus and marks. Give priority to the topics carrying more marks first.

Do not waste much time in completing low marks topics.

assess yourself

Assessment is essential for the preparation of any exam. Solve sample papers to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Do your own assessment after solving the paper.

Solve the questions of the subjects in which you are weak. This will help in understanding the exam pattern and marking scheme.

Get the solved paper checked by teachers and friends. The board releases the sample papers on its website, you can also download them.

focus on one subject at a time

The most important suggestion for board exam students is to focus on one topic at a time. Do not try to cram all the topics at once.

With this you will get confused and will not be able to study any topic. Allot time to each subject as per the timetable.

Do not use separate books and notes for each subject. Study only from the notes made in the class.

Memorize formulas, theorems and definitions by writing

In board exams, questions related to formulas and theorems come. If you do not know the complete answer, writing only the formulas and definitions can give you half the marks, so remember the formulas, theorems and important formulas and diagrams by writing.

Improve with the copies of toppers

Answer writing is the most important part of board exams. Answer writing related questions carry more marks. Students should practice more in answer writing.

Try to write the answer in the prescribed format and points. Highlight important points. Try to improve by looking at the copies of toppers available on the internet.

Write the answer within the prescribed word limit. Take care of the time while writing the answers. Write the answers in good writing and keep the copy neat.

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