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10th students should prepare for science subject in less time

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Uttar Pradesh Board Exam: 10th students should prepare for science subject in less time

Feb 20, 2023 at 10:50 am
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Uttar Pradesh Board Exam: 10th students should prepare for science subject in less time
10th board exam preparation tips (pic: pixel)

10th board exam is a challenging and crucial phase for the students as the 10th marks are decisive in choosing the stream in class 11th.

Right now the 10th board exams are going on in Uttar Pradesh and science exam is on 27th February.

Science subject is difficult for many students and they do not perform well in the examination.

Let us know some special tips for the preparation of science exam.

First look at the syllabus

For the preparation of any exam, it is necessary to have an understanding of the syllabus. Students are advised not to show haste while preparing for the exam.

Understand the syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation. The written examination of Uttar Pradesh Board 10th Science is of 70 marks. There will be 30 marks for practical and project. The syllabus is divided into five parts. Make a timetable only after understanding the syllabus.

Understand the marking system here

In the examination, 20 marks will be asked from chemical substance, 20 marks from living world, 12 marks from non-reaction, 13 marks from electric current magnetic effect and five marks from natural resource.

The questions are divided into three categories, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each section will have two very short answer questions of one mark each, three short answer questions of two marks each, 10 short answer questions of three marks each and six long answer questions of five marks each.

read the parts with higher marks first

In science exam, more marks questions will come from chemical substances and organic world. Go through each topic of these two parts first, then read the other parts. Revise well the short answer and long answer questions carrying high marks.

Memorize graphs, diagrams and difficult definitions by writing

There are a lot of numerical questions and diagrams in the physics part of the science exam. Try writing them over and over again. Write down all the theorems and formulas in the diary of notes.

Practice questions related to these. Understand each graph and diagram. For the preparation of chemistry, study chemical reactions, periodic table, numerical components thoroughly.

Practice diagrams in biology as much as possible. Memorize difficult terms and definitions.

solve old paper

Students must read the old paper while studying for the exam. This will give an idea of ​​the difficulty level of the exam and the repetition of topics. Try to solve the repeated questions in the paper within the given time.

Revise, Make Short Notes

Do not read anything new during the exam. Revise the chapters read earlier. Keep making short notes during revision. Write only those things which are important according to the exam.

With this, you will be able to study all the important topics together on the paper day. While making short notes, important and very important things can be highlighted with different colors.

Read these notes everyday till the day of exam.

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