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10th class students should prepare social science in less time

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Uttar Pradesh Board Exam: 10th class students should prepare for social science in less time

Feb 22, 2023 at 06:20 pm
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Uttar Pradesh Board Exam: 10th class students should prepare for social science in less time
Social Science Exam Preparation Tips (Photo: Pixabay)

According to the datesheet released by the Uttar Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (UPSEB), the Class 10 Social Science board exam will be held on March 3.

Many students study Social Science with the mindset that it is boring and long. Doing this affects the performance of the students.

Some tips are being mentioned in this article, using which you can prepare for Social Science exam interestingly and effectively.

First of all know the syllabus of social science

The syllabus of Class 10 Social Science has been extended. It covers the subjects of History, Geography, Political Science and Economics.

The Social Science exam will be of 70 marks, while the remaining 30 marks will be given on the basis of project work.

Rise of Nationalism in History, Indian National Movement is a must read. In geography, agriculture, mineral and energy resources and maps etc. will have to be read.

Consumer officers and Indian economy etc. topics have to be read in economics. Political science includes topics related to democracy, caste-religion.

understand the principles

Social science is a theoretical subject. Most of the answers are theory based, so go through the chapters first before starting your preparation for the exam. There is no need to know each and every chapter in detail, but do have a brief knowledge of all the chapters.

understand events instead of rote learning

Students should focus on revision during the exam. Many students think that rote learning will help them remember the answers properly, but this is wrong.

By rote you are more likely to forget the answer. The best way to remember the answer is to break down the answer into points and understand them.

Write answer in simple and direct points. The language of the answer should also be simple. After memorizing the answer, do try writing it.

Pay special attention to maps and graphs

Maps and graphs have special importance in the examination of social science. Maps related questions are asked in the exam.

The names of the largest agricultural producing states of rice, wheat, cotton and jute and the names of gourd ore belts etc. can be filled in the map.

Students go through all the maps and diagrams while reading each chapter and practice them at least 2 times.

Revision in this way will enable you to perform well on the exam day.

Do not study all subjects in one day

There are 4 different subjects in the syllabus of social science. Do not study all the four subjects in one day.

If you study 4 subjects in a day, you will get confused in different information.

Students are advised that if they are studying History on the first day, then study Political Science along with it.

Next day you can study Geography and Economics. Study each other's subjects in a day. You will not get bored with this.

increase answer writing speed

Answer writing is most important in board exams, so students should practice answer writing especially.

Students should use simple language while writing answers. Keep writing clean. Write the answer in points.

Draw flow charts and maps in the answers. You get more marks than this.

The writing speed of many students is slow, due to which they miss many questions. Increase the speed of student answer writing. Write the answers by setting a timer.

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